Linked Up: SMQ, Our Daily Bears, and Streaking the Lawn

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Perusing SBNaiton today: SMQ takes a look at K-State's upset of OU; a Baylor fan thinks he knows better than the coach, and a Virginia fan dishes on Fort Worth and TCU.

All of the college blogs in the SBNation-iverse are sharing this evening. First we will share a story from Matt Hinton, who is (and always was, at FOW) SMQ, at Recently he took a pretty close look at Kansas State's win over Oklahoma.

Hinton observes the difference between recruiting hype and on-field hype:

Fully half of the Wildcats' starting lineup in Norman, 11 out of 22, began their college careers at a school other than Kansas State, including the entire defensive line and three-fifths of the secondary. ... Even the emerging star of the show, Collin Klein, interested scouts more as a basketball player in high school, and began his K-State career as a wide receiver. When these guys first walked on campus, Oklahoma would not have considered any of them worth the time of day.

Who wouldn't take Collin Klein in a heart beat today? Bill Snyder has (again) created the perfect intersection of personnel and scheme, and has begun to inflict it on the rest of the Big12. Like Hinton says, we are all on notice.

Below the jump: Baylor fans are not happy (how quickly they forget!) and a UVA fan tells all about his trip to Fort Worth last week.

At Our Daily Bears, this fan wonders where Lache Seastrunk is. And he calls him "Speedstrunk," which is just dumb.

At Streaking the Lawn, Tim Mulholland shares what he liked and didn't like about the new Amon Carter Stadium, and the game. His dislikes: the weak fan showing, TCU putting all of its visiting fans in the upper deck, and a lot of blocks in the back by TCU that he thinks he saw on kickoffs.

Mulholland liked this feature (which is news to me):

TCU has a mobile app that allows you to order your food from the concession stand and pay for it while staying in your seat. When the food is ready, you get an alert and can run down and grab it. This is an awesome idea and one that U.Va. should seriously look into.

He liked the ShowGirls, and the little video game about which runningback jersey has the football in it. (People notice that?) And lots of Frog fans were nice to him, including in downtown Fort Worth, which he also liked.

Who wouldn't?

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