Frogs O' War Postgame Analysis: OSU 24, TCU 10

I blame everyone. - Peter G. Aiken-USA TODAY Sports

The FoW staff checks in with their thoughts on the soul-sucking defeat at the hands of the Oklahoma State Cowboys.


We got a delay of game penalty.  Down two touchdowns in the fourth quarter with only one time out,less than five minutes left and the clock ticking we got a delay of game penalty.  You have 40 seconds after a player is ruled down to run your next play, and with less than five minutes left in the game TCU did not accomplish it.  I can analyze TCU's defensive effort- how late in the game the Frogs started to get frustrated and sloppy after spending the entire game on the field.  I could explain why TCU would be better served running North/South with Waymon James and Northeast/Northwest B.J. Catalon and Aaron Green.  I could tell you that it was incredibly foolish to not go back to LaDarius Brown until things got desperate in that same less-that-five-minutes-left-drive when he had made four great catches in a single series.

I can look back and try and determine which of Trevone Boykin's picks were his fault and which ones were dictated by coverage or pressure or miscommunication, but right now it's hard to feel like there's a point to it.  When every iota of your being should be screaming hurry up offense, the TCU offense got a delay of game penalty for wasting a tenth of the time left in the game between snaps.  How can you analyze that?  You can only say there need to be changes on the offensive side of the ball, and it should start with the two men upstairs in the offensive coordinator chairs.  If they're gone you can talk about areas for growth, things the frogs did well (there were some) and reasons to look ahead to the next game more favorably.  As it is right now, there are less than five minutes left in the game and TCU got a delay of game penalty.  What more needs to be said?


I was commanded to journey to a pumpkin patch today instead of watch this game... I just watched it on the DVR...

Dear, sweet baby Jesus... We are bad, bad, bad on offense. We can't run, we can't throw, we can't catch, we can't block... We can't play call, and WE LITERALLY CANNOT GET THE PLAY IN FAST ENOUGH LATE IN THE GAME AND WE GET DELAY OF GAME PENALTIES WHILE RUNNING A TWO MINUTE DRILL.

This coaching staff, sans defense, is dead to me. The entire offense has quit, so you should feel free to do the same.

What an embarrassment.

Jamie Plunkett

Like Fungo, I watched this game late. All I have is this fun fact. TCU has outscored opponents 133-62 in second halves this season.

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