The TCU Offseason Agenda


Our beloved Horned Frogs fail to reach bowl season for the first time in 9 years, as well as failing to even show the millions of college football fans that they’re even a competent team after continuing to defensively steal the show only to have our pathetic offense steal it back, and give it to the opposing team. What happened? What did we do wrong, and how do we correct our mistakes for next season? This detailed agenda for TCU’s offseason, and even 2014 preseason, will list TCU’s strong and weak areas as well as what they need to do to build off those strengths and fix those weaknesses.

1. Coaching Staff


Before we even talk about the main, core things the program needs to do, they first need to get rid of some of the staff that’s been holding them back. There may be more I’m not listing, but offensive coach Jarret Anderson is the main culprit. Sure, our roster was weak. Sure, we had a young offensive line, a quarterback who missed an entire season and missed the opportunity to improve his game, and a sloppy receiving corps. But while our personnel weren’t one of high-caliber talent, Mr. Anderson’s play calling didn’t help their case. We’re talking senseless sweep plays, an imbalance in our running and passing game, trying to be fancy when the circumstances weren’t even that tough, etc. Sorry, but I’m afraid we need a new mind to drive our offense. Rumor has it that Doug Meacham will be our new OC, but of course that hasn’t been verified because it’s just a rumor. If not Meacham, might I recommend Mike Schultz at Texas State. He used to coach the Horned Frogs offense when our very own Andy Dalton was at the helm. He runs a very nice, balanced running and passing attack. TCU could smash the defense with our extremely skilled running attack, and then utilize the PA and strike through the air. But hey, what happens happens, just GET ANDERSON OUTTA’ HERE!!!

UPDATE- Well, looks like Meacham is our guy for 2014. I checked some comments and realized that Schultz probably wouldn't work out for TCU. Anyway, with coach Meacham at the helm, I expect TCU to utilize a more pass heavy offense, so developing our QB's is now more crucial than ever.

2. Roster

Let’s take a look at our personnel:

A. Quarterbacks


The quarterback position made my eyes bleed more than anything (and though real Horned Frogs bleed from their eyes, it wans't a good thing in this case). I think if three words were to best describe the QB position this season, they would be: TOO MANY INTERCEPTIONS!!! Pachall & Boykin were terrible at decision making and had very bad accuracy. Other than that, they weren't very good at driving the offense, and their lack of proper leadership just made all the wheels fall off the bandwagon. My recommendation: DEVELOP OUR QB's!!! Tyler Matthews & Zach Allen could be very promising in 2014 if coached and developed. And a little recruiting never hurt.

B. O-Line


O-Line didn't help the QB situation at all. If Pachall was gonna' throw a pick, he was gonna' need to get sacked as well on the same play. Again, DEVELOP & RECRUIT.

C. Wide Receivers


Our Receiving Corps was pathetic. They couldn't catch, couldn't run, COULDN'T MAKE PLAYS!!! I saw guys miss easy receptions that could've single handedly changed the course of the game (*ahem*, BRANDON CARTER VS. BAYLOR). If the QB's sucked, the WR's weren't helping their case. Once again, DEVELOP & RECRUIT.

D. Entire Defense


Our defense as usual was really our only strength this season. I couldn't be more proud of our D. However, I saw some inconstancies that hurt us in some games. The defense would get sloppy sometimes and give up big plays. Something to really think about and fix this offseason.

3. Playbook


I think TCU should stick with its spread offense, but might I recommend utilizing some effective offensive schemes, such as Auburn’s Spread Option attack. In the event that Boykin’s our main man in 2014, this scheme would be perfect. Give the defense the same look at the play’s beginning, but keep them guessing as to where the ball goes. Boykin could keep it and pick up yards, Catalon could take it and pick up yards, or Boykin could get a decent throw to a receiver to pick up yards and drive down field. This scheme’s got Boykin’s name all over it. It doesn’t ask him to throw like a pocket passer, and takes some pressure off his shoulders. Remember, Nick Marshall only scored 11 TD’s, and threw 5 picks with this kind of offense, yet Auburn is 11-1. I think Boykin could really come to like this scheme. If not, then it would be good to utilize kind of an Alabama styled offense. Use Catalon & James to pound through the D and eat up yards on the ground. Then get the defense to bite with the play-action pass and pick up major yardage with a few throws. Though I would recommend Matthews or Allen for this scheme, Boykin could do well with this with the right coaching and training. Remember, the question isn’t if Boykin can throw, it’s who he’s throwing to. It wouldn’t hurt to mix in some trick plays and packages, and it would be especially great if the TCU offense would speed up the tempo. As for the defense, their 4-2-5 scheme is almost unparalleled. I see nothing to change there.

Not to sound arrogant, but if the TCU football program could follow this agenda, or at least something remotely close, we could see a huge turnaround next season. I’m talking a 10-3, maybe even 11-2 record. Let’s get back to playing some real TCU Football. No more sitting in the backseat. We’re now officially in drive mode. GO FROGS, and FIGHT ‘EM ON THE ICE!!!

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