Absolutely my last 2013 TCU baseball give-a-damn!

We all want to win, and hate when we don't; that's normal. We're Homers before a game, then braggarts/bitchers afterwards; that's normal, too. The more we're led to expect from our teams amplifies our reactions by multitudes. That's sports these days.

Enter the 2013 version of TCU baseball... after uncharacteristically tough football and comically horrid basketball seasons, it was supposed to finally be FROGS turn to crow. Pre-season nationally ranked #12 was dreams of grandeur kinda stuff. Then we actually took to the field, and that was the end of all that. How could so many be so wrong?



Spock-logic dictates that its too late for this FROGS team to salvage anything, and I should just shut up and passively watch remaining games as entertainment, love of the game, or at least time-fill. But I'm stubborn enough to maybe take one last look at more. I can't play sports (I concentrated on being brilliant, witty, and handsome), but I can do stats; so I sacrificed "working" last night to study them. LISTEN CLOSE, SCHLOSS...

What doesn't matter is things like being home/away, or facing righty/lefty... stats are identical there. Move along! Our pitching is excellent: nationally ranked #45 in ERA, #22 in K/BB, #54 in strikeouts. Move along again! Likewise, fielding is a very respectable #42. Any fan will take all this with a goofy grin. Sooooo...

That leaves batting (aka offense), and we all know that's where we hit the wall (aka "suck"). Out of 296 Div. 1 teams, we're #200 in batting avg. & #215 in scoring. BINGO!!! I knew it was bad, but that's BAD bad! Draw a chalk line around it and call in a scrub team! But if you still want to try doing SOMEthing, here's some minor suggestions. Still listening, Schloss?

[1] Hide Crichton's uniform; whatever he is, he's no pitcher.

[2] Mitchell & Finnegan are overthrowing trying for strikeouts; giving up too many BBs, WPs, HBPs. Put your pitching coach to work on that. Too soon to tell if Mitchell works as a starter yet; not great so far.

[3]We have no speed, so stop trying to steal bases (except for Fitz; others only 50%); wasting rare baserunners.

[4]Find a catcher (we have 5, fer chrissakes) who can throw to 2B; Bacak is a free pass to steal on (80% safe). Have they even tried Boomer there to add a bigger bat in OF?

[5]Put all your pressure/mojo into scoring early. Stats are 100% we win when we do/lose when we don't.

[6]Find a magic lamp... that's all I can think of to help our hitting. It's just that bad!

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