Thoughts On Last Night

Since I have been perma-banned at, and they are taking this opportunity to shit on us, I thought I might give a few of my thoughts.

BigPurple, stop reading unless you have taken your blood pressure medicine.

- I have never claimed to be a "journalist"... I have a full time job working in advertising/marketing, it takes 60 hours a week minimum of my time. I am getting married this fall, and run a major sports website. I don't have time to do anything else beyond that.

- However, two things are true: I have strong and trustworthy sources from TCU (my time in athletics and in school), as well as new sources that have developed since I started running FOW. For some reason, people really like to talk and like to be the "leaker". I write about 20% of what I hear, to give you an idea of the "volume". I am not bragging, this is the truth, lots of people know people and so do we, we just choose not to use that access to be the internets breaking news leader for TCU. That is the Frog Horn's job.

- The vast majority, 95%, of what we write about is commentary/analysis/content and funny stuff that is relying on the FANTASTIC work of Stefan Stevenson and the other true journalists who follow this team. 5% is unique reporting on TCU Baseball (primarily), Football, and Basketball. If you think you can more easily find quality, informative, and unique TCU Baseball reporting somewhere else, I would like to know where.

- At the end of the day, I do not want you to go to FOW if tweeting about an innocuous rumor makes you angry... THAT IS WHY TWITTER WAS INVENTED! At the end of the day, it was nothing, as most are, but we got an hour of fun out of it and nobody got hurt. If you can't handle that, you need to step away from the internet for awhile and go pick up a newspaper, that is the safe zone.

- We work hard everyday to provide high quality content, analysis, and funny shit to whoever wants it. When a rumor exists, I get more texts/emails/tweets than at any other time. EVERYONE WANTS TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON. Then, as soon as the rumor is untrue, all of those same people turn back on places like us and say, HEY WHY DID YOU DO THAT YOU SUCK BLAH BLAH BLAH.

My answer? If you think my tweet that "there is a rumor and you shouldn't freak out yet" equals true reporting you need to take to the bank, you need to re-access. If you think you didn't want me to tweet in the first place, you need to look inside yourself and admit you are lying... You WANTED to see it, you want to be in the know, you want to be on the cutting edge.

Turns out it was nothing, we all move on and forget it.

Next time? Don't get all worked up over a rumor, let it be what it is and have fun with it. And, remember, FOW is a place for fun, not a newspaper... We are the place where you can rewatch every 2012 game in full for free, while reading the most up to date/accurate Football depth chart available for free, while listening to an exclusive interview with Jim Schlossnagle and reading in-depth data on TCU Finances and salary figures all at the same time... FOR FREE.

If you can find that elsewhere, great. If not, we are happy to have you, but please leave the fake anger at the door, and let's all be one big happy family, please.



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