TCU Baseball's New Hitting Coach Is Nicknamed The "Hit Doctor"

Doug Pensinger

In an article published today by the Denver-Post, Todd Helton (among others) credits new TCU Baseball associate head coach Bill Mosiello with much of their hitting success, naming him the "Hit Doctor."

The hire of TCU's new associate head coach Bill Mosiello from Tennessee was somewhat unheralded this summer. But, according to this article, Mosiello might just be exactly what the Frogs need... A hitting coach who can help just about anybody bust out of a slump:

Behind every hit, from the time Todd Helton was a raw major-league rookie in 1997 through the final home runs of his Cooperstown-worthy career, which has just two weeks to go, the best player in Rockies history had a secret weapon.

His name is Bill Mosiello. He's the Hit Doctor, always on call 24/7. The good doctor might prescribe a slump remedy at 3 a.m. or lend a friendly ear to Helton, a strong, silent type who would rather growl than reveal how much every strikeout gnawed at his gut.

Toddy Ballgame and Dr. Hit don't live in the same town. But make no mistake: This is a bromance as real as a bone-crushing handshake. It is a relationship between mentor and student that has been going strong more than 20 years, from the time when Helton was a freshman at the University of Tennessee and Mosiello was his coach.

"To this day, if I don't feel good at the plate, he's the first person I call," Helton said of the hitting guru he calls "Mo."

Mo insight, Mo care, Mo important.

"He knows hitting," Helton said. "And he watches every one of my at-bats. He can tell me: 'Three days ago in that second at-bat, you were on that first pitch, and you didn't get it? What were you thinking?' He watches the entire at-bat. And he sees every little thing."

There will be much more on TCU Baseball coming soon but, I think, this was a cool little nugget that couldn't wait... Maybe, just maybe, Mosiello will be exactly what the doctor ordered.

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