Frogs O' War Staff Picks: Big 12

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We're all looking into our crystal balls to see who comes out on top this Saturday.

We like to think we're smart, here at Frogs O' War, so we're going to call our shots when it comes to Big 12 games this weekend. So! Here we go.

Hawkeyed Frog

Oklahoma State 38, UTSA 13
The concerns about the lack of firepower Oklahoma State showed last week turn out to be unfounded, as the Cowboys score 28 first quarter points against the roadrunners and just coast the rest of the way.

Baylor 40, Buffalo 30
The Bulls defense is better than expected and they hang with Baylor, though never actually threatening to take the lead.  The Bears turn it over twice, leading to some mild whisperings of quarterback concerns.

Kansas State 37, Louisiana-Lafayette 20
The champ gets off the mat after a humiliating defeat and shows that he's not willing to suffer a non-conference losing streak like his in-state brothers.  The defense looks improved, but three big plays still give much cause for concern.

Kansas 32, South Dakota 10
The Jayhawks will crow about this one for a while as they easily dispatch their Dakota school with schematic advantages and the improved passing of BYU transfer Jake Heaps.  West Virginia, K-State and Iowa State look significantly more nervous when this goes final.

Texas 28, BYU 15
The Texas offense is legit, but gets bogged down a bit by a solid performance by a good BYU defense.  On the other hand, the BYU offense is atrocious and ends up with field goals on all five red zone trips.

Oklahoma 31, West Virginia 14
Not quite the Big 12 game of the year candidate the last meeting was, as Oklahoma takes the air out of the ball and pounds away to keep Trevor Knight from having to throw the ball.  West Virginia can't stop OU on the ground and doesn't find rhythm through the air, and the Mountaineers end up deeply worried about year 2 in the Big 12.

Texas Tech 59, SFA 30
The lumberjacks get pounded, but put up better offensive numbers than SMU which causes laughter from both Lubbock and Fort Worth.  Tech debuts a few new wrinkles to give Patterson more to gameplan for in a short week, but this one is otherwise as boring as a 90-ish point game can be.

Iowa State 17, Bye 13
The Cyclones narrowly escape a loss during the bye week scrimmage with the Iowa State scout team.  Somehow they'll still be bowl eligible by season's end.

TCU 45, SE Louisiana 17
The Frogs offense does pretty well what they want against the Lions, but the defense gives up more than we're comfortable with keeping it a game until late in the third.  Boykin looks better than Casey again, but Casey remains the nominal starter going into Tech week.

Purple Wimple

Oklahoma State 45, UTSA 13
Gundy stops trying to ride two horses.

Baylor 73, Buffalo 21
Art Briles makes another classless splash.

Louisiana-Lafayette 35, Kansas State 34
Tailspin in Manhattan, not helped by the fact that La-Lafayette is really good, especially on offense. And K-State apparently does not have a defensive line.

Kansas 42, South Dakota 13
What's this? Kansas scores at will? Balanced offense? The Wash-ups (Weiss and Heaps) wash out SDU.

Texas 21, BYU 19
Slugfest, but Texas takes advantage of BYU's inexperience at corner for a last-second, game-winning TD.

Oklahoma 31, West Virginia 17
This game features 11 interceptions between the two teams.

Texas Tech 40, Stephen F. Austin 8
A stupid score for a stupid game.

Bye 14, Iowa State 13
(I think this is a dangerous week for the Cyclones) It's gonna be that kind of year in Ames.

TCU 43, SE Louisiana 20
SLU is going to surprise the Southland Conference this year, beginning by a surprisingly resilient showing against TCU

Jamie Plunkett

Oklahoma State 50, UTSA 21
With J.W. Walsh at the helm, and the QB controversy put to bed, the Cowboys can now just focus on scoring points. They do just that, and UTSA come crashing back to earth after a strong Week 1 win.

Baylor 63, Buffalo 28
Buffalo hangs around for a bit, before Seastrunk gets his legs chopping. 200 yards and 4 touchdowns for the back in this game.

Louisiana-Lafayette 28, Kansas State-24
Louisiana Lafayette is a good team, and Arkansas struggled with them a little more than the score indicates. Kansas State is reeling, and there's no relief in sight.

Kansas 35, South Dakota 17
Kansas beats the "other" Dakota, and tries to brag about it to Wildcat fans. Wildcat fans give them the finger and take a bunch of dumps in a Lawrence Walmart.

Texas 24, BYU 17
Texas let New Mexico State hang around for a half, and they let BYU hang around the whole game. However, things never seem out of control for the Longhorns.

Oklahoma 28, West Virginia 14

Neither of these teams can throw the ball, but by-golly they'll try.

Texas Tech 59, SFA 14

Texas Tech gets to 2-0 and begins to harp about being the best team in the conference.

TCU 45, SE Louisiana 10
TCU comes out angry, and stomps on SE-LA early. Defense gives up one touchdown on a long pass, because the D-Line can't get pressure. Multiple blitz packages and a run heavy offense get this one done for the Frogs.
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