Postgame Analysis: TCU 38, SE LA 17

Your new starting TCU quarterback, and sparkplug of the offense, Trevone Boykin - Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

The Frogs O' War staff checks in with their analysis of TCU's first win of the season.

As always after every game the Frogs O' War staff will file in throughout the afternoon/evening to add their analysis to this original post, so keep checking in.

Purple Wimple

I've got a question: why does the Horned Frog offense play so much better when it knows Devonte Fields will be in on defense? Or is something else to account for the difference in performance in the two halves of today's game? Whatever the difference, I like seeing TCU spread the ball around, and make shots downfield, and generally play like a ranked Big12 team. And if the Frogs continue to do so, I'll not mention the first half of this game. (Which was... utterly awful.)


Thank goodness that's over. After a first half where the Frogs looked like they'd rather be anywhere but on the field again, the Frogs overcame adversity, injury and intense heat to look pretty good in the second half. All our thoughts are currently with Casey Pachall who may have been seriously injured on a scramble late in the second quarter. Let's hope a speedy return is in the offing for him. That said... he really didn't look good against SE Louisiana, completing barely over half his passes and even his completions didn't look like vintage Casey Pachall throws. On TCU's first touchdown drive Casey threw a ball that Doctson caught and took down inside the ten, but he had to stop and catch it far behind him- if he catches it in stride it would have been an easy touchdown for the Frogs. Playcalling was also an issue for the Frogs, as the coaches focused on the pass early on when the run was working exceptionally (sound familiar?) but balance returned in the second half when Boykin took over. Speaking of Boykin... Man he looks really, really good. I didn't believe all the hype coming out of practice that Boykin looked like an entirely new man, but he's been really impressive every time he's been on the field. If Casey can't go against Tech, we'll be in good hands.

What can you really take from this one? The Frogs were obviously crosseyed in the first half, with one eye looking back to the LSU loss and the other looking forward to Texas Tech on Thursday- entirely overlooking a good FCS team that came to play. When the Frogs got serious they did what they liked against the Lions, so don't be too discouraged or encouraged from this game. Take the win and let's move on.

Now, as it's 5 AM, I'm off to bed. Go Frogs.

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