2014 NFL Draft Profile: Jason Verrett

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

We break down, with a little help from Matt Ufford, what makes Jason Verrett a potential stud at the next level.

Jason Verrett, lovingly known as predator thanks to his dreadlocks, has been the defensive cornerstone for TCU the past two seasons in the Big 12. He's a two time All-American and was the 2013 co-Defensive Player of the Year in the Big 12. Here's a quick breakdown of his measurables, including times from the 2014 NFL Combine.




189 lbs.


30 5/8"

Hand Size

9 1.4"

40 Time

4.38 seconds




4.00 seconds

Broad Jump



6.69 seconds

The biggest asset Verrett has is his speed, which allows him to keep up with any receiver on the field. He has a tendency to bite on a good first move, but he's got the speed to recover and the jumping ability to compete with bigger receivers for jump balls. Verrett is also fearless against the run, and has no qualms with sticking his nose in a pile.

Another giant asset for Verrett is his footwork, which, when paired with his speed, ensure that his receiver is not going to run away from him.

The big knock against Verrett is his size, and scouts have questioned his durability because of it. Verrett is coming off of surgery to repair a torn labrum, but should be fully healthy in time for training camp.

According to SB Nation's full scouting report on Verrett,

Verrett grades out as our top-ranked cornerback for the 2014 NFL Draft. He may not have the physical tools, but Verrett is outstanding in all other areas of his game. Teams that don't look past his size will end up missing out on a really good player. Granted, Verrett won't be a fit for every scheme, but he's a player who can move around the formation as a nickel back or play boundary corner on an island in the right coverage scheme.

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And check out the bio Matt Ufford put together.

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