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Frogs open at #7

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TCU fans well remember how exciting it was to finish in the top ten in 2008, even with two losses. (It didn't hurt that the two teams which beat TCU that year both went to BCS bowls...) The Horned Frogs released a commemorative poster (pictured) and generally reveled in the year-end respect from pollsters.

Fast-forward to 2010, and that year-end finish at #7 is the lower of the last two years' finishes, and the opening rank for the upcoming season. As noted before at The Wimple, TCU normally takes a big hit in the polls between seasons. Usually one season's good finish for the Frogs doesn't translate into a good start in the polls. But the coaches (who typically track the AP voters almost slavishly) have given TCU (and #5 Boise State) the benefit of the doubt this year.

It's a precious commodity, and one not extended to the Horned Frogs. TCU last opened in the top ten in 1958, and last were ranked as high as 7th in the pre-season in '56. If the Frogs can make good on this ranking, and do not stray from so lofty a perch, they will cap the best season in Fort Worth since "Rock Around the Clock" hit #1 on the charts-- the first rock 'n roll hit to do so. (That's 1955, kids. Whole shelves in the history section of the bookstore deal with events later occuring!)