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GAMEDAY: #4 TCU v. Tennessee Tech

The most startling thing about today's game is how disparate the teams are, at every position. TCU has NFL talent spread across its two-deep, and only will allow points by mental lapse and failure to play its hardest. Hopefully the starters only get enough minutes to stay fresh for Baylor, and the twos and three do not let up. Hopefully Frog fans will need to go to their rosters many times, to see who made that tackle or carried that ball. It's a day for backups and walk-ons to shine.

The Wimple hates these games-- bodybag games-- and wishes the NCAA would forbid them. Who wins, except those who return home uninjured? Any score other than a shutout besmirches the Frogs's record. That is unfair to every player on the field. TCU 56, TTU 10.