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Here're links to pieces about the game, which is (basically) a play-in for the Rose Bowl.

Pre-Snap Read has several: general analysis, a look at both teams' similar runningback rotations, a feature on Andy Dalton, who is so much more than just a "game manager;" and PSR's keys to the game. Sports Illustrated makes this its game of the week.

The Salt Lake Tribune Utah beat writer says Utah has to knock Andy Dalton around to win. Clearly the crowd will try to be a factor.

Below, Lou "Thkippy" Holtz picks the Frogs to win, (curses! That's almost as bad as an SI cover!) because of TCU's slightly better defense and run game.'s Jeff Caplan explores the bigness of the game; while some other ESPN dude picks TCU to win.

This ESPN analyist really likes TCU's defense.