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Week 10 Dominance Ranking

Here're the 25 most dominant teams, by the sum of their national ranks in scoring offense and scoring defense, through 10 weeks.

1 Boise St.
3 Ohio St.
4 Oregon
5 Utah
6 Nebraska
7 Alabama
8 Stanford
9 Iowa
10 UCF
11 Wisconsin
12 Virginia Tech
13 Georgia
14 Nevada
15 Missouri
16 Arizona
17 Florida St.
18 San Diego St.
19 Michigan St.
20 Texas A&M
21 Northern Ill.
22 Auburn
23 Arkansas
23 Florida
25 Oklahoma

Boise State isn't relinquishing its hold on the top spot of the Dominance Ranking, as it piles up blowout after blowout, trying (fruitlessly) to catch up to TCU and be one slip away from a title game berth. The old canard about strength of schedule simply doesn't apply here; Boise is doing what a dominant team should be doing to its opponents: shredding them.

Florida returns to the top 25 after a five week absence. Utah only fell four spots after its 47-7 shellacking by TCU. Again, Central Florida-- which is ranked in the human polls for the first time ever-- is the "interloper" in the Dominance Ranking. The (formerly Golden) Knights are plastering their opponents, week-in and week-out.