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Week 11 Dominance Ranking

The blue and orange lead the Dominance Ranking another week, and the MAC leader creeps into the top 15 for the second consecutive year.

1 Boise St.
3 Oregon
4 Ohio St.
5 Nebraska
6 Wisconsin
7 Utah
8 Alabama
9 Stanford
10 Virginia Tech
11 Oklahoma
12 Missouri
13 Iowa
14 Arkansas
14 Northern Ill.
16 Florida St.
16 Nevada
18 UCF
19 Michigan St.
20 North Carolina St.
21 Arizona
21 LSU
21 Texas A&M
24 Auburn
25 Georgia
25 Miami (FL)
25 San Diego St.

Virginia Tech's rehabilitation is nearing completion. The pre-season favorite is not only leading the ACC comfortably, but now appears in the top 10 of the dominance ranking. Wisconsin and Oklahoma are in the top 10 (or 11) while Utah still hasn't fallen out of it, despite being outscored 75-10 in its last two games. Perhaps no other statistic illustrates how thoroughly the Utes dominated their first eight foes, whom Utah outscored 362-113.