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Week 13 Dominance Ranking

After a week off, here's the latest Dominance Ranking (teams ranked by the sum of their national rank in scoring offense and scoring defense).

2 Boise St.
3 Ohio St.
4 Oregon
5 Stanford
6 Alabama
6 Northern Ill.
8 Nebraska
8 Wisconsin
10 Virginia Tech
11 UCF
12 Utah
13 Nevada
14 Florida St.
15 Missouri
16 Oklahoma
16 South Carolina
18 Iowa
19 Hawaii
20 LSU
21 Arkansas
22 Michigan St.
22 San Diego St.
24 Auburn
24 Texas A&M

The Horned Frogs recapture the top spot from Boise State after trouncing bottom-ranked New Mexico. The Broncos didn't fall far, with a composite score of six-- just one higher than TCU's five. After the two top non-cartel teams (apologies to Nevada, who checks in at a solid 13th in the ranking) there is a sizable break in the composite scores. Third-ranked Ohio State has a composite of 13; Oregon's is three notches higher, and Stanford's three higher still.

Alabama and Northern Illinois are tied at sixth in the ranking; it is the Huskies that surprise the casual observer of the sport. NIU ranks in the 20s in both human polls; 24th is where likely national title contender Auburn (eligibility issues aside) finally appears in the Dominance Ranking. Close wins, especially come-from-behinds, which are Auburn's specialty in 2010, speak of little dominance.