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Rose Bowl Part 2

Let's do some second-order comparisons of Wisconsin and TCU.

The Badgers rank 12th nationally in rushing offense, while facing 61st best rushing defenses, on average. TCU turned in the 8th best rushing attack, while facing 80th best rush defenses, on average. Advantage: Whisky, but not by much.

Wisconsin only managed the nation's 74th best passing offense (with the Johnny Unitas winner at QB) while facing 74th best passing defenses, on average. TCU's pass attack is 53rd nationally, in the teeth of 61st ranked pass defenses, on average. Advantage: TCU, by a lot.

Wisconsin's rush defense ranked 30th nationally, against 69th ranked rush offenses, on average. TCU's rush defense ranked 3rd nationally, against 71st ranked rush offenses, on average. Advantage, TCU by even more.

Wisconsin's pass defense ranked 26th, against 51st ranked passing offenses, on average. TCU's pass defense is the best in the nation, against 66th ranking pass offenses, on average. Advantage: TCU, by a little.

What does it all mean? It means TCU's defense is certainly better than Wisconsin's, and Wisconsin's offense might be better than TCU's on the ground, but certainly not in the air. And it means Vegas is playing it conservative favoring TCU by less than a field goal.

Here're the mtn. analysts airing the issues surrounding the matchup. They give you a decent snapshot of the party lines, but nothing too original or interesting.

Ivan Maisel, calling himself contrarian for doing so, points out that TCU's offense hasn't been shabby at all this year. He comes the closest that I've seen to noticing this, among national reporters. See the clip below.