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Dominance Ranking, 1999-2010

We've got twelve years' data now for the Dominance Ranking. In that span, the most dominant team is...

Boise State. The Broncos' top finish (fifth year in a row in the top five-- the best such streak currently in progress) in 2010, coupled with Texas's low 2010 rank (75th) moved the blue-turfed program into the top spot since 2000.

Other historically unusual ranks this season: Oregon, Northern Illinois, Wisconsin, Central Florida, Nevada, and San Diego State all finished much higher than normal. Oregon, normally 36th, finished 3rd. NIU, normally 40th, finished 7th; Wisconsin, normally 42nd, finished 8th; UCF, normally 62nd, finished 9th, tied with Nevada, normally 67th; Stanford, normally 79th, finished 5th; San Diego State, normally 92nd, finished 17th.

Texas, Bowling Green, Memphis, Purdue, New Mexico, and Washington State all performed well below their averages since 2000. Texas (62 spots lower than average) and Memphis (52 spots lower) were the largest disappointments.

Here're the top 30. (there are a couple small discrepancies with the descriptions above; they result from the addition and figuring of the year 1999 into the data.)

1 Boise St.
2 Virginia Tech
3 Oklahoma
4 Texas
5 Florida
7 Southern Cal.
8 Ohio St.
9 Utah
10 Miami (Fla.)
11 LSU
12 Florida St.
13 Georgia
14 Alabama
15 Clemson
16 Oregon
17 Nebraska
18 Boston College
19 Michigan
20 Tennessee
21 Auburn
22 West Virginia
23 Penn St.
24 Wisconsin
25 Texas Tech
26 South Fla.
27 Connecticut
28 Louisville
29 Southern Miss.
30 Iowa