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[updated 6-20-11] TCU’s new stadium taking shape

Here're a couple views of the upgrade to TCU's football stadium, courtesy Ross Bailey, via Wes at KF.C. [new photos via SnoSkiDrew at KF.C] [even newer ones here from West at KF.C][see below for June 2011 video from the Star-Telegram]

FWST's Stefan Stevenson took this video on June 19, 2011:

the north endzone, from the northwest corner of the stadium

the west stands, from atop the north endzone

There're two more shots in Wes's post at KF.C, which I think are less interesting.

[update: a couple weeks later, here're some views that SnoSkiDrew shot]

from the southwest corner of the stadium, looking towards the new north endzone

from outside the northwest corner of the stadium, looking toward what will be a new weight and locker room