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Stop me if it seems familiar: TCU rallies to lose in more heartbreaking fashion

The word I'm thinking of is "tease". The Frogs have twice now come back from double digit fourth quarter deficits against in-state rivals, and the momentum swings so cleanly to our side it seems too good to be true. And sure enough, just when we pull even or slightly ahead everything turns pear-shaped. Third longest home winning streak in the nation? Kaput. The Iron Skillet? In enemy hands for just the second time in twelve years. Though it seemed at times that TCU was looking to give the game away (three time outs and a minute left, Patterson takes the knee? Ugh), the Mustangs definitely earned this one. The good news is we don't play any more Texas teams this season and we still don't have a mark against us in the MWC yet. Next week against SDSU will be a key point to the season, and will likely determine whether we can take the trip to Vegas or end up in San Diego or Louisiana. At least Casey still looks great, right? Feel free to vent your frustrations here.