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Bye Week Open Thread

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Sure TCU isn't playing today, but there are plenty of interesting matchups going on throughout the day, and you're free to watch and comment here. The early games are headlined by undefeated #11 Michigan heading to #23 Michigan State, and the Battle of the Brazos with our future conference mate Baylor (who would've thought that sentence could've been written three weeks ago?) against the team whose Big 12 spot we'll be taking: Texas A&M. In the afternoon slot all eyes will likely be orange as Oklahoma State visits Texas, and in the evening Arizona State tries to stick up for Pac-12 South pride as they take on Oregon in Autzen. Mountain West wise, Boise faces its first conference game tonight at Colorado State, woeful UNLV travels to Wyoming and New Mexico tries to pick up win #1 against Nevada.

Watch whatever, comment on anything, this is your open thread!