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Your (seemingly) weekly conference realignment kerfuffle: Mizzou to the SEC edition

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Noted longhorn mouthpiece Chip Brown is reporting that Mizzou has made its decision and is ready to apply to join the SEC. Presumably this means that they have had assurances that they have the votes to get in (nobody in Columbia wants to be left on the doorstep like they were by the Big Ten), so if they're applying consider it highly likely they'll be accepted. What does this mean for our new home, the Big 12? Well two options are being tossed about, both involving the same three schools: Louisville, West Virginia and BYU. TCU has some fun history with both the Cardinals (3-1 against them in CUSA) and the Cougars (even coach Patterson saying "good luck to getting us to schedule them again" couldn't stop us from scheduling them this year), while our West Virginia relationship is limited to a single Bluebonnet Bowl matchup in 1984. The question is, do we add one of them and stay at a ten team conference, or do we go for the whole hog and try to pick up all three, heading us to a glorious championship game destiny? Discuss what you think will happen and what you want to happen here.