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SBNation BlogPoll Ballot, Week 9

There's gonna be some grumbling about my Week 9 ballot in the SBNation BlogPoll, but let me cut some of it off at the pass-- remember, I'm both resume polling, and polling according to this rule: the loser of a game shall not outrank the winner of the same game in the next poll. This is why I have Texas Tech ranked 13th-- I had to balance the requirement that the Red Raiders outrank the Sooners in this week's ballot (see Tech 41, OU 38 in Norman).

Otherwise, I think the resumes fall out like this:

It's taken me about six weeks longer than everybody else, but I'm converted from 'Bama to LSU. That is, until I'm not. Really the two are interchangable in my mind, for now. The next five are all tied for third-- Clemson, Boise, OkieLight, Sparty, and Stanford. Were the season to end today, all of them would deserve to be in the BCS, but probably not in the MNC game. There will be significant sorting in coming weeks as these high performers play other high performers in their respective conferences.

Unfortunately, because I did not submit a ballot last week, we can't see in this gadget how my picks have changed over two weeks.

A word on Cincinnati: the Bearcats are fully sixth in the latest Dominance Ranking, and might be this year's surprise performer. The loss at Tennessee is a resume-killer, but the team is getting hot late. It looks like Butch Jones has worked his usual magic, once again.