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BYU Cougars vs TCU Horned Frogs @ Jerryworld

It's Friday, and ordinarily the metroplex would be embracing the only game in town as TCU takes on fellow Mountain West escapee BYU in Arlington... but there happens to be a baseball game on that at least a few people seem to care about a little bit. However, the TCU/BYU game is pretty huge for both programs and will give us an opportunity to see how much we've improved since the bye week (you can't really glean anything from the New Mexico steamrolling). Whichever team wins this game goes ahead in the all-time series for the forseeable future, so let's let the Provo provision feel this one for a while guys. This is your game thread.

Oh, and if you want to watch and comment on the baseball game during commercial breaks, that's fine too.