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The Rest of the West: Your Mountain West Conference recap

If you're a reader of this blog you likely already know that TCU defeated BYU on Friday for the fourth time in a row in this little holy war, but you may not be as aware of what our past and future foes in the Mountain West were up to this past weekend- so let's have a look.

Air Force (4-4, 1-3): Defeated New Mexico 42-0. In what could only be described as a disappointing season so far, Air Force showed that they're at least powerful enough to not break a sweat in putting away the worst team in college football. The Falcons led 35-0 at the half, so they'll feel good heading into their rivalry week, knowing that only one team on their schedule ahead has a winning record. Next week: Army

Boise State (7-0, 2-0): Bye. The team to beat in the Mountain West so far went into their second least dangerous week of the year (New Mexico is the least dangerous) sitting pretty at #5 in the rankings- and they have to love that K-State and Clemson were toppled this weekendw, while they're vomiting orange and blue rage that USC fumbled into the end zone in OT3 against Stanford. Next week: @ UNLV

Colorado State (3-5, 1-2): Lost @ UNLV 38-35. The Rams continue to slouch after a decent start, having now dropped four in a row. Three turnovers by the Rams and a special teams gaffe- allowing a kickoff return TD- ensured that the men in gold and green had a week they'd like to forget, as UNLV is really quite awful. Next week: Bye.

New Mexico (0-8, 0-3): Lost to Air Force 42-0. The Lobos continue to duke it out with Memphis for the title of worst team in College football, but in my opinion you have to go with New Mexico here. If they don't beat UNLV in two weeks they won't win a game this season. Next week: @ San Diego State

San Diego State (4-3, 1-2): Lost to Wyoming 30-27. There really were people out there who thought that this was the year that San Diego State took the big leap and competed for a top two finish in the MWC, even people who predicted they'd knock off the Frogs and the Broncos due to getting those games at home. How long ago those predictions seem, as though San Diego State will likely be bowling again for the second time in a row this season (back to back bowls for the first time in school history!) they will not be in Vegas or San Diego this winter as Wyoming shocked the Aztecs at home. Next week: New Mexico

UNLV (2-5, 1-1): Beat Colorado State 38-35. Don't worry about our season ending opponents too much, as even though the Rebels managed to pull off the upset over Colorado State, they're still bad enough where beating a three win Colorado State team is an upset worth celebrating. If they beat Boise State the entire city will be in uproar, but even if the entire team missed the flight apart from Coach Petersen, Boise would still win the game by twenty. Next week: Boise State

Wyoming (5-2, 2-0): Beat San Diego State 30-27. Wyoming has a Freshman QB running the show, but he was electric against the Aztecs, running for two scores and throwing for two more. If anyone told me at the start of the season that TCU/Wyoming would decide who would clinch at least second place in the Mountain West there is no chance I would have believed you. This Cowboy team is dangerous, and going on the road to play them the week before we play Boise on the blue turf has trap written all over it. Next week: TCU