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TCU Horned Frogs at San Diego State Aztecs

A late start, a fired up home team who is out to revenge previous beatdowns with an NFL prospect at QB, on the road. There are numerous parallels to the Baylor game as the Frogs travel out west to take on the Aztecs, but hopefully Casey can get our guys off to a good start. This is one of the key games that will determine whether we're Las Vegas bound, or will be making another trip out to San Diego later this season for the Poinsettia Bowl- not to mention crucial if we're going to secure another ten win season. This is also our opportunity to make one more mark on the MWC record books- TCU is currently tied with BYU for the longest conference winning streak in MWC history, both at 18 games, so this is our opportunity to knock the Cougars out of the record books one more time. This is your open thread. Give 'em hell, TCU!