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OPPONENT PREVIEW: Boise State Broncos

Another week, another opponent, another Q&A with a knowledgeable blogger. In case you've been hiding under a rock, the opponent is Boise State, those lovable little smurf-turfians who've been kicking can more consistently than any other program in the nation for... five years now? The knowledgeable blogger is Kevan, a manager at one of SBNation's best blogs, One Bronco Nation Under God (or, to be esoteric, OBNUG). Kevan kindly answered these questions about this week's tilt between the Frogs and the Broncos. Kevan also wrangled the famed Blogger Bet out of Frogs O' War-- the winning team's blog gets a post at the losing team's blog.

1. Does Darth Kellen have a weakness? If so, what is it?

Throughout his career, the only real weakness he's demonstrated has been playing against TCU. The Horned Frogs, more than any other team, bring out the worst stats in him. Part of this is that TCU just plays good defense - receivers are less open, there is less time in the pocket, and defensive assignments are handled with a consistency that you just don't see in the UNLVs and New Mexicos of college football.

That said, if there is one thing in particular that TCU can do to rattle Kellen Moore it would be to bring pressure up the middle. Moore has a tendency to make a lot of throws off his back foot, and he gets away with these since his timing and rhythm are so good. Against a good defense like TCU's, he'll have less margin of error and throws off his back foot might come back to cost him.

2. Does Boise State defend the run very well?

It depends what week you ask. The Bronco defense has been more inconsistent this year than in past years, especially against the run. They have the talent, size, and discipline to play the run well; it's just hard to tell if that talent, size, and discipline will come to play from week to week.

3. How the heck did UNLV hang with Boise for 30 minutes?

There were a lot of factors at play: The Rebels showed new wrinkles that the Broncos hadn't seen on film, Boise State came out flat, Caleb Herring took advantage of soft coverage to complete underneath throws for first downs, Bronco receivers dropped passes. The list goes on.

4. Any word on Doug Martin's health?

As per Boise State's non-specific injury report, Martin's injury is "not serious," and that's all anyone knows. I've seen "not serious" injuries keep players out for weeks and I've seen them not matter one bit.

5. What's the coolest play Boise has run this season?

The Broncos scored a touchdown against Toledo with a formation that had tackle Charles Leno split out wide and tight end Kyle Efaw on the line of scrimmage where the offensive tackle usually goes. The Broncos drew it up so that Efaw was eligible, and he ran a go route at the snap and was wide open for a touchdown.

6. How has the new OC changed the offense this season?

Nothing has changed from Bryan Harsin to Brent Pease. The Broncos still run the same pro-style, multiple offense with shifts and motions. BSU has tried more no-huddle this season to raise the tempo, but other than that, there have really been no noticeable differences.

7. Does Chris Petersen ever break a sweat? or need to comb his hair?

You should see some of the sideline shots of him. It looks like he's having the worst time of his life. I'm not sure he enjoys game day all that much.

8. Is the Big East really a better gig than winning the non-cartel auto-bid every year?

I don't think so, but there are too many moving parts to say matter-of-factly that a move to the Big East is a bad idea. When the BCS redoes its contract, there might not even be a non-AQ bid, and then where would that leave the Broncos? Boise State is acting in its best interests for the future, and since no one really knows what the future holds, it's hard to blame them no matter the decision.