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TCU Horned Frogs vs Boise State @ Smurf Village

Gameday is here once more, this time the Mountain West Championship is on the line. The location? Scenic Idaho, widely known for its... um. Famous Potato Bowl! And it is to the home of that sacred bowl game that our Frogs travel today, Our opponents? The Boise State Broncos who you may remember as being the wet blanket on the first of our consecutive BCS trips. When the game was initially moved, beating the Broncos was our chance to stick it to the MWC on our way out the door in payment for their moving the game from Fort Worth to Boise, but now it appears Boise is doing the sticking it to the MWC on our behalf- keeping their home game and shuffling off to the Big East after only two years. Knowing the MWC, prepare to play at San Diego, Nevada, Hawaii and anyone else with even a chance of knocking you off next year, Broncos, while your home dates will consist of the murderers row of New Mexico, UNLV and Colorado State.

This is the chance to redeem our season and leave the MWC having won it three times in a row. This is your game thread. Give 'em Hell, TCU!