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Had you told me before the game that TCU would win on the smurf turf, I would not have through you were crazy, but I would have whistled a "what an upset" kind of whistle.

Had you told me that TCU would win on the smurf turf, with only 33 yards rushing in the effort, I would not have called you crazy, but I would have guessed that Boize State had come down with a sharp case of the turnovers, and that TCU just must have gotten lucky.

But had you told methat TCU would travel to Boize, never intending to run the ball down the Bronco's throats, but instead would hand the rock to Casey Pachall, fully believing the sophomore could win it with his arm, I would have told you the coaches were crazy.

And if you told me that strategy would work?

Yeah; that's crazy.

Since when has any quarterback sliced and diced Boize's Broncs for almost 500 yards and 5 touchdowns, on the smurf turf? Call it payback for the F-Bowl; call it pay-back for the MWC moving the game to Boize in the first place; call it pay-back for that b-o-g-u-s pass interference call that the refs made, still trying to make TCU pay for leaving the conference.

Call it whatever you want; but the truth is: Darth Kellen got out-Darthed in his own house. Casey Pachall was red-hot from the opening whistle, tallying a 211.4 QB rating in the game; Moore was solid mostly, but floundered at the end, and when given four more tries, floundered again. His rating was 161.8—enviable in most circumstances, but not today's. The game was Pachall's and the glory his Frogs'.

The series between TCU and Boize State is even now; every one of the four games has come down to the final play. Perhaps there is no pair of teams better paired; here's to the fifth game, whenever it comes around. 'Till then, Via con Baugh e LT, Broncos.