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TCU Horned Frogs at Wyoming Cowboys

One week until the de facto MWC championship game! TCU/Boise State! At Boise State for reasons that now seem laughable given that Boise State is the one joining the hated Big East and we are not! What a great time for a bye week! Oh, what's that? There's a game today? At Wyoming? And Wyoming is undefeated in the Mountain West so far as well, sitting pretty at 5-2?

Add Laramie Wyoming to the list above, folks. TCU will be looking for its twenty first consecutive Mountain West victory, while Wyoming will be looking for its first win over the Frogs since 2007- the last time TCU went into the game unranked. It's snowy, it's cold, it's at high elevation and it's against a surprisingly good Wyoming team, so let's get it together and get out of this one with a win Frogs. This is your game thread. Give 'em hell, TCU!