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FIRED: Mike Locksley(HOW?), Mike Sherman (Was he awake?), Turner Gill (Duh)


Six months ago, imagine if someone said "Joepa will outlast Jim Tressel, but not Rick Neuheisel." Everyone is getting fired, which means "OMG URBAN MEYER ZEUS GARY PATTERSON4[INSERT SCHOOL HERE]" season is upon us. If Gary didn't leave while TCU was in the MWC, it's highly unlikely he'll leave now. Even if he did, his replacement is obviously Dick Bumpas's mustache. That thing has got to be good for like 9 wins. The complete A hastily put together list of the dead is after the jump.

  1. Mike Stoops - Zona
  2. Dennis Erickson - ASU
  3. Ron Zook - Illinois
  4. Turner Gill - Kansas
  6. Everett Withers - UNC
  7. Luke Fickell - tOSU
  8. Tom Bradley - Penn State
  9. Paul Wulff - Washington State
  10. Rob Ianello - Akron
  11. Larry Porter - Memphis
  12. Mike Locksley :( - New Mexico
  13. Bob Toledo - Tulane
  14. Neil Callaway - UAB
  15. Mike Sherman -A&M
  16. Rick Neuheisel - UCLA

June Jones, he's pretty loyal, right?