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Recipe for the Heisman . . . a Witches Brew

Not to take anything away from RG3. He probably deserved the Heisman. I know this because, I don't like Baylor. They are one of those teams that, in my opinion, best serves college football by remaining in perpetual mediocrity. The fact that they are not mediocre this year (despite the fact that they gave up an average of 42 points a game to Division I schools this year) evidences his impact. We all know Baylor's success is heavily buoyed by RG3 (and a wide receiver which seems able to get behind and separate from coverage almost on command).

I watched several Baylor games this year, and I pulled for the other team in every game I watched (except for the A&M game . . . I just can't pull for A&M . . . they are creepy . . . some people have an inexplicable fear of clowns or ham . . . I have a deep rooted repulsion to a spooky blend of men wearing all white leading military cadets wearing knickers . . . but we don't have time for a Freudian analysis of that, so let's move on). I was in constant discomfort when RG3 was on the field. That is the real litmus test for who deserves the Heisman. It's hard to know whether your guy deserves the Heisman if you are a fan of that team, but your enemies know whether you have a true impact player.

How do you know when someone deserves the Heisman? Forget the stats. I don't need to look at stats. Stats are a rationalization tool, and for those who missed the game. My gut knows who deserves the Heisman. The recipe is as follows -- when that person is on the field, your stomach turns. You stop them one play, and you are shocked. They turn around and burn you on the next, and you are not shocked. When they are off the field, you get an overwhelming sense of pressure that, while things are better, you better score, because he is likely to when he gets back on the field. I hate RG3 because I don't like Baylor and he makes Baylor formidable. That is why he deserves the Heisman.

He is truly the most valuable player on his team, but is he the most valuable player in college football? That is where things get complicated. How do you compare RG3's value to a running back on a team like Alabama. I mean, let's face it -- As good as Trent Richardson is, he is an interchangeable part on an extremely good team with very few weaknesses. Not to take anything away from his talent or accomplishments, but if out of the game, the drop in production is not nearly as noticeable as if, let's say, RG3 were to miss a game. Comparing the two is apples and oranges, and it has nothing to do with the talent level of either of them. It has everything to do with their accompaniment. I submit that RG3 had a competitive advantage in winning the Heisman because there is little competition on his own team. His presence is not only helpful to Baylor; it is essential. Without him, they go 4-8 this year. Baylor's defense was so bad, his performance stands out.

Take Kellen Moore of BoiseState. His body of work over 4 years is far greater. He has 4000 more yards, twice as many touchdowns, and almost an equal number of interceptions (making his touchdown to interception ratio almost twice as impressive). Even this year, Moore's numbers are comparable. But, he plays on a well-balanced team, with what now has a decent defense. Is Moore highly valuable? Yes. Can his team win without him? Probably so. Can we say the same about Baylor? I think not.

Take our own Andy Dalton. He too had great numbers (although, admittedly, they weren't at RG3 level or Moore's level). He too was pitched around as a Heisman hopeful. He was a field general. But he played on such a well balanced team that I would struggle to say TCU could not have won without him, because we weren't winning games 50-48. We were winning them 50-12.

But, my argument above belies prior voting. History says your team has to be dominant for you to win the Heisman. Baylor is not dominant. In fact, some are shocked that the Heisman can be awarded to someone on a 9-3 team. To that, I have two responses: (1) those people obviously never watched a Baylor play this year where they were pulling against Baylor; and (2) Heisman voting is about as honest, genuine, and scientific as a group of high schoolers voting for the homecoming queen.

Congrats RG3. You deserve it. But I still don't like you, and it has nothing to do with you personally. I hope you are a money grubbing, selfish SOB that, now having won an individualistic award in a team sport, you have "nothing left to accomplish" and you move on to the pros. If you are reading this, you probably should. Go out on top. Your defense isn't going to get any better, so neither will your record. You may suffer a career ending injury next year. You may throw a lot of interceptions and hurt your draft order. Really, you have no choice but to enter the draft and make millions. Are you buying any of this??? I hope so. If I am being honest with myself, nothing would irritate me more than if you risked everything and stayed. I'm tired of pulling against you.