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UNLV Rebels at TCU Horned Frogs

Utah and BYU both already left the Mountain West Conference, being careful not to let the door hit them on the way out- but neither of our fine former conference mates left with the last conference title that they were eligible for. TCU, on the other hand, has- and is leaving the Mountain West in chaos behind it- will Boise State, San Diego State and Air Force really go to the Big East? If so, does BYU come back to the Mountain West since they'd finally have a shot to win the conference?[/ohsnap] The answers to these questions lay ahead, but sadly this football season, which still seems so young to me, is in its final week. Our Rose Bowl hero of the many arm-bands will be playing his final game in Amon Carter stadium, and we have the perfect opponent to potentially have a chance to take the seniors out one by one and give them the send-off they deserve. The Frogs will know at about halftime whether or not a BCS bowl could be in play- so it's all the more important to crush the rebels and give the Mountain West one last kick on the way out for moving the Boise game. This is your game thread, as well as your open thread for this day's conference championship games. Root hard for Southern Miss, or we'll be looking at Louisiana Tech in the Poinsettia Bowl. Give 'em hell, TCU!

By the way, TCU beat UNLV.