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TCU 56, UNLV 9- So... now what?

If anyone tells you they know what's going to happen tomorrow in the BCS, they are a filthy liar, sir. TCU took care of the only part of the equation in their control, pounding UNLV into a fine paste, rolling up 42 points in the middle two periods. And several good things for the frogs happened:

Houston lost at home, quite badly to the BCS Buster buster squad from Southern Miss, and as they are not the CUSA champion they cannot claim an automatic bid. Okie State throttled 0U in the first half and spent the second half dragging the corpses of the Sooners behind them to rack up style points. LSU struggled early but poured it on late and will cause Georgia to tumble. San Diego State, BYU and Boise State picked up nice wins that will boost our strength in the computers.

But at the same time some not-so-good things were occurring throughout football- Kansas State pulled it out over Iowa State late, our bowl victims from last year played the perfect game to screw us over against Sparty- winning by only three and leaving green's fall below us in doubt. Clemson beat down Virginia Tech and may surge past us. Baylor thumped the longhorns for just the second time since '97 and may hold over us. When all is said and done at this point, I have no idea where TCU ends up- the only certainties are Wisconsin vs. Oregon in the Rose Bowl, Clemson vs West Virginia in the Orange Bowl, LSU as one of the title game participants, and that TCU went undefeated in the Mountain West for the third year in a row. We'll have to see tomorrow if that's enough to earn a spot in the Sugar Bowl against (likely) Michigan or Alabama.

Still, why not make some predictions? My picks are:

BCS Title Game: 1 LSU vs. 2 Oklahoma State- the Cowboys did just enough in routing 0U that the anti-rematch lobby picks up.

Fiesta Bowl: Stanford vs. Michigan- A transplanted Rose Bowl game as Oklahoma State made sure 0U is unlikely to get much at large consideration. Stanford brings the rank and the #1 draft pick, Michigan brings the fans and the most exciting man in college football. This would be a treat to watch.

Rose Bowl: Oregon vs. Wisconsin- This one is signed, sealed and delivered

Sugar Bowl: Alabama vs TCU: Alabama is 0-2 against purple teams the past two years, is 0-1 against Mountain West champs, and 2-3 against TCU all time (they've never beaten a TCU team that won more than one game in a season). A lot of people would predict this to be ugly, but I think the Frogs keep it close and have a chance to win.

Orange Bowl: Clemson vs. West Virginia: Not quite the renewal of rivalries the Orange Bowl was praying for here, but with Clemson thumping VTech this is all they have left to choose from.

What do you think?