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Cry horror and let slip the FROGS O' WAR!

Better yet, make SB Nation’s newest blog, Frogs O’ War, your go-to destination for insights and analysis about Horned Frogs football.

Frogs O’ War is the latest incarnation of Ezra Hood’s blogtopia The Purple Wimple, but now it’s fortified with co-authors—Dr. Bill (nom de plume forthcoming) and TheAlchemist have joined the effort to bring the best of all things purple and horned to SB Nation. You’ll get the same outrageously detailed opposition research posts about each of TCU’s opponents, about a week before each game. (Baylor’s preview: coming soon!) You’ll get the same "Wimple Awards" at the end of the year. You’ll get the same outrage-inducing BlogPoll ballots from yours truly (all hail, the Three Rules).

And now you’ll get fresh viewpoints, and more content, as well. Everybody wins.

Soon, all of the old posts from the Wimple (all the way back to 2007, even!) will be imported into Frogs O’ War. Until then, you’ll have to troll the archives at the Wimple’s FanTake site, or even the old digs.

So, follow @FrogsOWar on twitter, re-set your favorites tab to, and come back often as the season approaches and the Frogs enter Year One A.D. (that’s after Dalton).