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TCU a serious Big 12 candidate?- Realignment could once again be a go.

Fresh news from noted Longhorn mouthpiece Chip Brown has indicated that TCU has been rising in talks about the Big X's tenth member. The longhorns have long been the most adamant naysayers for TCU's chances in joining the Big 12, but apparently the networks have assured the Horns that their lovely money pile will not decrease from adding TCU. That aside, what does TCU do with this new information, should a Big X offer materialize? Do we go back on our plans to join the Big East, as the Big 12 has always been the pie-in-the-sky dream for many TCU fans? There are two ways to look at it: The Big X has almost been fully dissolved twice in the past two years, it's one of only two AQ conferences to have lost members to other conferences during the BCS era and it creates TCU redundancy- one of TCU's major selling points in the Big East was being in an AQ conference in Texas, while not having to beat Texas and Oklahoma every year for a title shot. On the other hand, for all the talk about the Big 12's instability, they still have their two most important members- Texas and 0U- while the Big East lost two of their most important members to the ACC, with rumors persisting that UConn and Rutgers could defect at any time. If Texas and Oklahoma are committed to making the Big X work, there will always be a spot in the BCS or future playoff available to it, while the Big East is unlikely to get such consideration when the marquee members are West Virginia and ourselves. It's a hard decision to make, as at any time either league could implode, and turning one offer away now likely means the other door would close on us (No Jamie Dixon in the Big East to try to convince regents to take a chance on a small Texas school once Pitt leaves). If the offer to join the Big X comes, do you take it? This is your realignment thread for Thursday and Friday.