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It's Iron Skillet Week: What do you hate most about SMU?

It's TCU's last non-conference game of the year (Ed. Apart from former conference mate BYU, oops.), and depending on how the conference roulette wheel turns from here- could be the last time that TCU and SMU meet as equals (if TCU lands stable AQ-membership and SMU is without, they're almost inevitably doomed to a life of little brothering). And truly, SMU has often been pathetic in their post-death penalty existence, scraping out a meager existence between bowl eligibility and complete collapse year in and year out, and during this patch TCU has definitively reclaimed its edge over the ponies in the head-to-head series. However, rather than feel sorry for our fellow SWC left behind-er, let's take this opportunity to reminisce upon our rivals from the East... and remember all the things that we hate about them that they need to be punished for, ideally by beating them every game from now until the end of time and running up the score on them as often as possible.

What do you hate most about SMU? Inflicting Craig James upon the world? Fouling up an otherwise perfect 2005 season? The fourteen game losing streak (which came largely as a result of their paying players exorbitant wages)? Taking what would have been our spot in the 1935 Rose Bowl? The fact that they're from Dallas? Or perhaps you find their alumni insufferable? Or perhaps there are more grizzly or personal reasons that fuel your personal SMU hate- share why you loathe the Mustangs in the comment section.