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TCU beats Boise State again: Hoop Frogs 54, BasketBroncs 52

The Frogs were in a deep hole, 8:50 left in the game, the Broncos had a commanding 50-34 lead and has established total dominance on the boards (the final tally was a 40-28 advantage for the Broncos). Shades of the USC game, where TCU had been blown out by a pretty bad team, were going through every fans mind at the Daniel Meyer Coliseum, and then the most interesting Frogs in the world spoke up: We don't always beat Boise State, but when we do we prefer to do it in the the way that is most heartbreaking for them. Boise State added only two points to their tally in the final 8:50, as the Frogs defense clamped down and Kyan Anderson started to take over the game, giving TCU a big three pointer that helped swing the momentum in a big way. The frogs are now 11-7 (1-2 MWC) with a great chance to pull back to even in the conference this Wednesday when Air Force 11-5 (1-1 as of this writing) comes to town. If the Frogs are going to finish above .500 this year, this is the sort of game they have to win.