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Links O' War: October 10th, 2012

Casey is going into rehab, and Gary Patterson won the day.

Here are your morning links!

Pachall is leaving school for treatment | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports News - Sports News on the ...
TCU's quarterback can return if he successfully completes the program.

Casey Pachall hits rock bottom, but the door's still ajar | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports News - S...
TCU football coach Gary Patterson only wants to help his past and possibly future quarterback.

Loss of Casey Pachall might serve as rallying point for TCU | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports News -...
The announcement of Casey Pachall's departure from TCU Tuesday doesn't have to be a depressing moment for the Horned Frogs' football team.

Patterson validates program's foundation - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
Gary Patterson fashions himself as a man who built his program on a foundation of doing things "the right way." After TCU quarterback Casey Pachall's failed drug test in February led to no missed game time, plenty outside the program started wondering if that foundation had a few cracks.

Patterson: Casey Pachall to withdraw from TCU, go into an "inpatient care facility" | TCU 360 - with news and sports from the TCU Daily Skiff, TCU News Now and Image magazine
TCU quarterback Casey Pachall withdrew from the university and entered an “inpatient care facility” head coach Gary Patterson announced at his weekly news conference Tuesday. Patterson to donate 100k to alcohol support
Gary Patterson announced that Casey Pachall will disenroll from Texas Christian University for the fall semester. Says Pachall will be allowed back if he comes back a changed man.

Gary Patterson & TCU do the right thing for themselves & Casey Pachall - The Big Mac Blog
The door is wide open for Casey Pachall to return to TCU and play quarterback as a senior. "He can come back in January if he gets clean," TCU coach Gary Patterson said of Pachall.

TCU's Boykin dealt with odd circumstance - Dallas Colleges Blog - ESPN Dallas
When was the last time a player worked as a third-string running back in practice during the week, and on Saturday took the field as a team's starting quarterback? Before Saturday, it had to have been awhile. TCU's Trevone Boykin made both unorthodox moves out of necessity, but couldn't lead TCU to a win over Iowa State in the Frogs' first Big 12 home game.