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Keys to the Game: TCU @ Baylor

The Frogs are almost in a must win situation Saturday against Baylor if they want to make a bowl game this season. A lot of people, especially Baylor fans are thinking the Frogs will get blown out. I do not see it that way, and if the Frogs follow my keys to the game, they will emerge victorious.

Capitalize on every possession: The Baylor offense is very good and will put up a lot of points. The Bears are averaging over 54 points per game this season which is second overall in FBS. On the other hand, the Baylor defense is the opposite of elite. TCU will be able to move the ball against the Bears D. They have to put points on the board on almost every offensive possession if they want a chance to win.

Eliminate big plays: Baylor completed three TD passes for 40 yards or more in last season's matchup against TCU. The Frogs need to eliminate Baylor's big play ability. Yes, Nick Florence is going to complete passes, but keep the receivers in front of you. Do not allow them to get loose down the field.

Control time of possession: The less time the Baylor offense spends on the field, the better. That is why the running game will be important this week. TCU needs to control the time of possession to help limit the Bears offensive chances.

Turnovers: I will say it until it finally improves. TCU MUST PROTECT THE FOOTBALL. The Frogs had five turnovers last week, if that happens this week it won't be pretty. 7 of TCU's 14 turnovers this season have been in the red zone. That must be fixed. On the flip side, the Frogs defense needs to force at least one turnover as well. TCU has intercepted ten passes this season which is tied for second best in FBS. If they can get number eleven or twelve in this game, it will increase their chances of winning.

Pray: Just pray to whoever you pray to and hope the bad luck for the Frogs will finally come to an end. I don't like losing. I especially don't like losing to Baylor.

I'm excited for this game. Although I am not sure if TCU will win, it won't shock me if the Frogs come out and get a tough fought road victory. Eventually the turnovers and bad luck have to come to an end right?