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FOW Weekend Picks: Week 7 (10/11-10/13)

Every week, FOW will get out in front of the world and pick the weeks Big 12 games as well as TCU's contest of the week. Feel free to post your predictions and thoughts below and tear apart our opinions, it would be the only sensible thing to do.

Texas at Oklahoma

Fungo Frog: Texas 28, Oklahoma 14- I am a big believer in scripts when it comes to sports, every game always has some type of Hollywood moment that seems too real and every game generally goes by what you expect to see from each respective team. That said, this game almost never does that. I will stick with my script, Texas being good, they win.

Jamie Plunkett: Texas 30, Oklahoma 37- The Red River Rivalry is upon us, and there's no doubt that Texas is looking to exact revenge on Oklahoma for the shellacking they took last season. The Longhorns were younger then, and David Ash was just a shell of the quarterback he has been so far this season. However, on the other side, Oklahoma's offensive gears finally started turning last week against Texas Tech. I'm still leaning towards the Sooners, but a Longhorn win wouldn't surprise me.

Purple Wimple: Texas 44, OU 41- I think Texas wins a high scoring game with OU

Hawkeyed Frog: Texas 30, Oklahoma 24- They beat Texas Tech but I've still seen too many struggles from the Sooners so far to predict them to beat Texas. If you struggle to beat UTEP, you won't beat UT. Texas pulls it out late and David Ash stakes a claim as the second best quarterback in the Big 12 by throwing two touchdowns and no interceptions.

Angry Trey: Texas 31, Oklahoma 27- Oklahoma has been far from impressive this season. I'm not jumping on their bandwagon just because they beat Tech. On the flip side, the Texas defense was supposed to be elite this season, it has been far from it. With that being said, I do think the Longhorns can get pressure on Landry Jones. Texas wins a close one in Dallas.

Kansas State at Iowa State

Fungo Frog: Kansas State 35, Iowa State 17- Kansas State is really, really good. They might just be a bit better than West Virginia because they have a defense, West Virginia does not. In this game, Iowa State has a defense too, but not a very good one (sorry TCU) and Klein is going to roll.

Jamie Plunkett: Kansas State 17, Iowa State 20- After watching the TCU/ISU game last week, I think that Cyclone defense is for real. Sure, all five turnovers they forced against the Frogs were courtesy of TCU freshman, but on the season Iowa State has done a tremendous job of forcing the issue. They've forced 12 turnovers on the season, nine of which are interceptions, good for essentially two turnovers a game. Kansas State is a one trick pony. They run the ball. They're last in passing yards in the Big 12 and in the bottom 15 in the country (right behind South Alabama). If Iowa State can stop the run, they win this ballgame.

Purple Wimple: Kansas State 53, Iowa State 10- K-State makes TCU feel no better about its own loss to TCU, because it beats Iowa State into a blood pulp

Hawkeyed Frog: Kansas State 38, Iowa State 26- The wildcats avoided a letdown in blowing out Kansas, but Iowa State is a vastly superior team, and they lead K-State for most of the game. In the end, however, Iowa State's shakey quarterback play comes back to bite them as Jared Barnett throws a pair of costly interceptions in the second half and Klein rides another middling completion percentage but no turnover game to victory.

Angry Trey: Kansas State 38, Iowa State 30- I think Iowa State will keep this one close, but Kansas State will have too much offense for the Cyclones. Plus I don't see KState gifting them five turnovers like TCU did.

Oklahoma State at Kansas

Fungo Frog: Oklahoma State 21, Kansas 12- For some reason, I see this as being a weird game this week. Kansas is too bad to win, but maybe Oklahoma State factors that in and sleepwalks for three quarters? Who knows, I am probably wrong, but I put this one close.

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma State 52, Kansas 13- I predicted a shutout for Kansas last week, and they surprised me a little by being able to move the ball against the Wildcats. Granted, they still aren't going to win this game. Not even close. Oklahoma State will cruise. After all, they've had two weeks to brood over the UT loss, and they'll be looking to right the ship.

Purple Wimple: Oklahoma State 55, Kansas 7- This is as unfair a fight as there is among cartel schools.

Hawkeyed Frog: Oklahoma State 56, Kansas 20- Weis' youth movement starts this week with Dayne Crist's dreadful play finally earning him a spot on the bench, but the added enthusiasm doesn't change the facts of this game: Oklahoma State is good, Kansas is not.

Angry Trey: Oklahoma State 50, Kansas 14- Charlie Weiss has been resting seniors and threatening student writers, and that is just this week alone. Oklahoma State will come out and make sure this game is over early. Kansas is just awful, that is all you can say.

West Virginia at Texas Tech

Fungo Frog: West Virginia 24, Texas Tech 21- Bad weather in the area on Saturday (maybe) and it is in Lubbock... I know that didn't stop the Sooners, but they aren't as bad as people think they are. Bad weather, strong winds slow down Geno enough to make him shart a little bit, before ultimately winning.

Jamie Plunkett: West Virginia 56, Texas Tech 42- This is going to be a shootout. Tech's defense has stepped it up quite a bit this year, but to this point no defense, good or bad, has been able to do anything to rattle Geno Smith. He hasn't thrown an interception yet this season. Tech's going to score points as well, but they won't be as efficient about it as the 'Eers.

Purple Wimple: West Virginia 45, Texas Tech 33- Ah- now this is going to be fun to watch. Neither team appears to have a defense, but the setting is Lubbock instead of Morgantown. West Virginia continues to make its statement about ownership of the Big 12.

Hawkeyed Frog: West Virginia 52, Texas Tech 40- If you told me West Virginia would score 80 sometime in the Big 12 season I wouldn't be surprised, but it won't be this week as Texas Tech keeps it close, but Doege continues his meltdown and has another multiple interception game, which is costly in this shootout.

Angry Trey: West Virginia 48, Texas Tech 35- I still don't get how West Virginia is only favored by 3.5 points in this game. I see no way for Tech to hang with the high powered Mountaineer offense. The Tech defense proved last week it wasn't as good as advertised. Geno Smith will have another monster game. WVU is just too good.

TCU at Baylor

Fungo Frog: TCU 35, Baylor 28- I was bold in picking TCU to lose last week, I will be bold this week and pick them to win. Why? I have no fucking idea. Listen, I bet they lose horribly. But, there is one part of me that thinks they will fix the turnovers, come out amped, feed off the crowd and a very, very strong running game and the defense will be just good enough to hold onto the game. Trevone Boykin settles in (not a coming out party), but the big star turns out to be BJ Catalon (150 yards, 2 TDs).

Jamie Plunkett: TCU 38, Baylor 42- TCU's offense has a long way to go with Boykin at the helm, but guys, Baylor's defense is abysmal. They rank dead last in the FBS in yards allowed per game (571.3), and TCU can move the ball. It all comes down to turnovers. If the Frogs can manage a stop, or if they cough it up one to many times, that'll be the difference between a win and a loss. Converting red zone opportunities is a must, and we're talking touchdowns, not field goals.

Purple Wimple: TCU 38, Baylor 50- The young Frogs are overwhelmed

Hawkeyed Frog: TCU 34, Baylor 31- With a full week to get Boykin ready to play, the Frogs come out with a full offense against Baylor and manage to move the ball well- Boykin throws only one interception and we lose only one fumble (in the red zone, again) but the TCU back seven plays their minds out, frustrating Nick Florence and knocking him out of his rhythm. TCU's superior kicking game saves the Frogs in the end, as Baylor misses a field goal that would give them a three point lead with two minutes to go, only to have the Frogs march down the field and clinch the game winning kick as time expires. It is not in my DNA to pick Baylor to beat TCU, no matter how bad things look.

Angry Trey: TCU 35, Baylor 41- If will be a close game down to the wire, but the Frogs inexperience will show once again with a late mistake. The Baylor defense is atrocious, so TCU will be able to move the ball. The defense needs to come up big in this game.