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Spreading the Field

SMU can't beat Tulane; but Iowa State nearly topples K-State; OU's winningest quarterback can't get Heisman buzz this year; and Texas might be... bad.

Tom Pennington - Getty Images

Snippits and bits from other games tonight:

SMU let Tulane beat them on the only stat that counts-- the score. All those other stats showed SMU as a better team. The Fustangs got twice as many first downs as the Green Wave, and held Tulane to only 40 rush yards; SMU played defense for less than 20 minutes, and forced seven Tulane punts.

And lost the lead in the final minute. Frogs o' War farts in SMU's general direction, hoping to add insult to injury.

Iowa State was only down seven points three minutes from the end of its loss to Kansas State.

Pop quiz: who's the winningest quarterback in OU history? Surely a Heisman front-runner, or even former Heisman winner, no?

No, it's be Landry Jones, fresh off another barbecuing of Bevo at the state fair. The other QB at Fair Park, David Ash, left Texas's "game" against Oklahoma, apparently with a wrist injury. In the course of a few hours, this frog fan is suddenly feeling a lot better about TCU's match in Austin. Somebody who may not be feeling so rosy about it is Mack Brown, who says, "It's just unacceptable for Texas to lose like that to Oklahoma, much less anybody, and especially two years in a row." Yes, Mack, it is. And for the first time in your tenure as head coach in Austin, this loss may have substantially upped the temperature on your five-million-a-year seat. Not that I'm happy about that, because there're two coaching jobs that, when open, will worry me a lot: yours, and the one held by the man whose team just hung 63 points your your defense. We'll see you in Austin on Turkey Day.

And West Virginia gift-wrapped its chances at a national title and set them on the doorstep for Tech to trample. I don't see the Raiders vying for the top spot anytime this season, but they took care that no Big 12 team does (sorry, K-State, but you don't make for interesting enough TV for pollsters to give you that much credit).