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Overreaction Sunday: The Frogs are Back!

Jerome Miron-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

How sweet victory is! The Frogs marched down to Waco and dismissed the Bears 49-21 Saturday night. It was a great win for the team. It was a great win for the fans, now let’s overreact…

  • Trevone Boykin for Heisman? The kid is like a mix of Steve Young, Casey Pachall, and Mike Vick all mixed into one. Minus drunk driving and dog fighting and all that other stuff.
  • TCU has the best and deepest receiver group in the country. I dare you to name a team that has a better five than the Frogs.
  • Remember last week when I said something along the lines of…"Baylor will score 45+ on TCU, I won’t be surprised if West Virginia hangs 70 on us." Yeah… I might have overreacted a little too much last weekend.
  • The Frogs will beat Texas on Thanksgiving.
  • Devonte Fields might be the best defensive lineman TCU has ever had and that is saying a lot! Especially since he is a freshman...
  • Hey officials, yall screwed Kenny Cain out of an interception!
  • The Frogs defense is back!!
(Warning…these are overreactions. They aren’t meant to be taken seriously. Or are they? Which opinions are truths? You decide….)