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SBNation BlogPoll, Week 7 Frogs o' War Ballot

FOW's combined ballot in this week's blogpoll. Winners: Mississippi State and OU. Losers: WVU, Stanford, UT, ISU, and LaTech.

Jamie Squire - Getty Images

Frogs o' War combined five ballots for its SBNation entry: here's the finished product. Commentary below the jump:

The rest:
26 Northwestern
27 Boise State
28 Nevada
29 Nebraska
30 North Carolina
31 Iowa State
32 Michigan St.
33 Northern Illinois
Alabama gets three FOW first place votes, Notre Dame and Kansas State each get one.
Wow-- welcome to our ballot, Mississippi State. Who'dathunk beating Tennessee would generate that kind of jump?
On the other side of that coin, Stanford's quasi-loss to Notre Dame almost cost the Cardinal its spot on out ballot altogether.
Texas, Iowa State, and Louisiana Tech are flat out (although at least ISU gets an apperance in the "also receiving votes" note.