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Midweek Musings: Butts Need to Be in the Seats

Saturday's game against Texas Tech is important, and Frog fans need to be prepared to show up, stay, and scream as loud as they can.

Kevin Jairaj-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

During Gary Patterson’s press conference Tuesday, he made some strong statements regarding attendance so far this year.

“The students are doing a great job trying to give us a home field advantage…now the rest of the stadium need to, too.”

It’s not the first time Patterson has remarked about the questionable attendance practices of TCU fans or their lack of intensity during big parts of the game.

Normally I wouldn't involve myself in attendance conversations, because I know that I can only control myself. I, as a young alumnus, as a married man without small children, choose to stay the duration of the game and yell until my throat bleeds and I pass out.

However, I understand that some folks cannot, for various reasons, show up early or stay the entire game.

To those fans, I’m not speaking to you.

What I’m about to say applies to those who find it more exciting, more invigorating to stay outside the stadium stuffing barbecue in your face mouth and sucking down Bud Light (two activities that I also enjoy, by the way).

To you I say, get your butt in your seat. This team needs you on Saturday.

I won’t call you the 12th man, because I don’t want any Aggy lawyers breathing down my neck, but I’ll call you a difference maker.

These are 18, 19, 20 year old kids, and being in a stadium of rabid, cheering fans will drive them to perform. Yes, they can get motivated on their own, they’re athletes. It gets easier, and you want to get more hyped up, when you have 50,000 people urging you to do so.

These student athletes have dedicated their time and talents to the school we all love. For three hours on Saturday, we should be able to dedicate our time and vocal chords to them.

Go Frogs.