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FOW Weekend Picks: Week 8 (10/19-10/20)

Every week, FOW will get out in front of the world and pick the weeks Big 12 games as well as TCU's contest of the week. Feel free to post your predictions and thoughts below and tear apart our opinions, it would be the only sensible thing to do.

Iowa State @ Oklahoma State

Fungo Frog: Iowa State 12, Oklahoma State 42- If this game was being played in Iowa, I might give the Cyclones a chance. But, I have two things at play here: I think Iowa State shot there wad too early and are pretty dead right now and Oklahoma State is much, much better than people are admitting. They have some bad looking loses right now, but that offense is still quite potent. And, it is IN the Land That Oil Built Stadium, I am sure it will be rocking from start to finish.

Angry Trey: Iowa State 27, Oklahoma State 37- Iowa State is coming off a tough loss to Kansas State while Oklahoma State is coming off a close win over Kansas. If this game was in Iowa, I would pick the Cyclones, but since it's in Stillwater the Cowboys will get it done.

Hawkeyed Frog: Iowa State 34, Oklahoma State 24- Iowa State's offense isn't particularly scary, but Oklahoma State's defense is no great shakes, and the Cyclone defense will give the Cowboys absolute fits once again. Cyclones break the Cowboys hearts once more, this time in front of T. Boone.

Purple Wimple: Iowa State 26, OSU 28- I think OSU comes from behind to win this. Iowa State is this close to relevance in the Big12. But Oklahoma State is already there, and pulls the win out from the jaws of defeat.

Jamie Plunkett: Iowa State 23, Oklahoma State 20- I wasn't impressed by the Pokes last week, but I've been impressed by Iowa State two weeks in a row. Cy comes away with the W.

Texas Tech @ TCU

Fungo Frog: Texas 28, TCU 35- I would pick Tech to win this game IF I thought they were for real. They aren't folks, they just aren't. Remember that big game they had a couple years ago vs. Texas and McCoy? Who also remembers what happened two weeks later- Oklahoma destroyed them. Yes, I know they beat Oklahoma State in between, but at the end of the day my point is that Tech is very capable of looking great at times but that doesn't change the fact that they are in the middle of a rebuilding DECADE and this is simple just an illusion... Illusions Raiders, Illusions.

Angry Trey: Texas Tech 34, TCU 35- This is going to be a nasty, tough fought game the entire way. The lead will go back and forth until Trevone Boykin leads the Frogs on a long 4th quarter drive to give the Frogs the lead and secure a victory over the Red Raiders.

Hawkeyed Frog: Texas Tech 13, TCU 20- This is going to be ugly. Doege is not a great quarterback and has been known to throw multiple interceptions- against TCU's highly effective secondary I think he matches his OU total with three. On the other hand, Tech's defense is world's better than Baylor's and I would be shocked if Boykin replicates his error free day against the Raiders. There will be a lot of hitting, there will be field position and there will be field goals, but in the end I think TCU is better equipped for a game of this nature and takes an early lead which they hang on to through the end.

Purple Wimple: TxTech 33, TCU 38- I've written and re-written this a few times, switching my pick from TCU to Tech and back to TCU. If I knew which TCU team would show up for this game, I'd be a lot more confident. Because playing Tech feels like a rivalry, I think we'll get the focused battering ram that went to Waco last week, and not the confused roll-overs that lost to Iowa State. I think a lot of us are underestimating TxTech, however. They're rolling, confident, and a wicked test for big Trevone Boykin. I think our secondary will take the win away from Tech as Seth Doege will miss his 3-4-5 receivers. I don't see either team winning by a big margin; overtime won't surprise me.

Jamie Plunkett: Texas Tech 24, TCU 35- Both teams annihilated horrible defenses last week, while shutting down fantastic offenses. TCU has the edge, because I think their offense is slightly better.

Kansas @ Oklahoma

Fungo Frog: Kansas 7, Oklahoma 50- Not much to say here... Oklahoma has a fire under their butt and Landry Jones is apparently not who we thought he was. Kansas is awful and is playing on the road. It's over, right now.

Angry Trey: Kansas 14, Oklahoma 52- The Sooners seem to be getting into a groove. They are becoming a very dangerous teams in the Big 12. None of that matters this week though because it's Kansas. OU rolls easy.

Hawkeyed Frog: Kansas 20, Oklahoma 45- A mild letdown for the sooners as they don't leave the Jayhawks in a smoldering heap by the end of the game- just severely bruised and beaten. The Kansas defense continues to look respectable and his ability to hold OU under 60 points makes Charlie Weis the hot name for the UT coaching job (no not really, I can already hear Longhorn fans emailing me).

Purple Wimple: Kansas 10, Oklahoma 80- OU needs to make statements every week from here on out; I think they will-until the last game!

Jamie Plunkett: Kansas 17, Oklahoma 52- This won't be a letdown game for the Sooners. Get ready for a blowout.

Kansas State @ West Virginia

Fungo Frog: Kansas State 28, West Virginia 42- This comes down to just one fact for me: Has the Big 12 proven to you this year that it has the ability to produce one undefeated, clear champion? No, it hasn't to me. And if you were trying to predict an upset for Kansas State that made since with this totally wacky year, why not have it be West Virginia coming back from a massive beat down? Mountaineers win, it isn't real close.

Angry Trey: Kansas State 31, West Virginia 38- I am not going to jump off the West Virginia train just yet because of one bad loss. I still think the Mountaineer offense is one of the best in the country, and Morgantown is a very tough place to play. I think WVU rebounds to get the win and opens the Big 12 up for a crazy finish.

Hawkeyed Frog: Kansas State 45, West Virginia 35- I don't understand why this is such a popular upset pick, to be honest. Did we not just see a highly effective offense and strong defense totally shut down a high scoring offense with a dreadful defense? That was the Big 12 last week, as both TCU and Texas Tech did it to Baylor and West Virginia respectively, and Kansas State is much better running the ball than either of the West Texas schools. West Virginia pops a couple of big ones over the middle, but Kansas State dominates the time of possession and can score at will on the Mountaineers by the end of the game.

Purple Wimple: K-State 34, West Virginia 45- Both of these teams need to make statements, but only one of them has quick-strike capabilities. WVU will play with all the fire it didn't bring to Lubbock; K-State won't go down easy, but it will go down.

Jamie Plunkett: Kansas State 38, West Virginia 20- Tech exposed WVU on both sides of the ball, and the Wildcats have the players to do the same.

Baylor @ Texas

Fungo Frog: Baylor 21, Texas 35- Baylor is about to go into its own rebuilding decade people, it is easy to see this. Texas isn't nearly as bad as they showed the last three or four games, they will rebound especially on defense.

Angry Trey: Baylor 48, Texas 42- This is a battle of bad defenses plain and simple. I like the Baylor offense a little better though so I think the Bears upset Texas for a second straight season. I want Baylor to win just to see the Longhorn fan base implode.

Hawkeyed Frog: Baylor 42, Texas 49- I'm giving this one to the home team, mostly because I think Texas losing to Baylor three years in a row is a sign of the apocalypse. First team to make the other one punt three times wins and Manny Diaz turns the temperature of his seat down a few degrees (to a mere 448).

Purple Wimple: Baylor 43, Texas 44- This is the crapshoot bowl, in my book. I hope Texas wins, and wins all of its games until TCU comes to Austin, just so that the Horned Frogs can quash another long home winning streak.

Jamie Plunkett: Baylor 45, Texas 35- Two awful defenses. The difference is Baylor' offense is much, much better. This is verse 2 in the downfall of UT 2012.