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FOW Weekend Picks: 10/25-10/27

Every week, FOW will get out in front of the world and pick the weeks Big 12 games as well as TCU's contest of the week. Feel free to post your predictions and thoughts below and tear apart our opinions, it would be the only sensible thing to do.

Tom Pennington

Texas at Kansas

Fungo Frog: Texas 42, Kansas 10- This is the pick where I say that Kansas will lose, and lose big given the fact that they are going with their youngster quarterback and are playing against a Texas defense that will pound his ass into the ground.

Angry Trey: Texas 41, Kansas 20- I pick whoever is playing Kansas by default every week. This week is no different. Texas has no problem in this one.

Hawkeyed Frog: Texas 40, Kansas 30- The last time Kansas beat Texas in football? Davey O'Brien was quarterbacking TCU to a national championship. The Longhorns get to bowl eligibility, but Kansas keeps it much closer than expected. Look for a lot of Longhorn handwringing after this one.

Purple Wimple: Texas 45, Kansas 19-Has this game ever meant less for Kansas, and more for Texas? MackDaddy will feel like he's got his mojo back, and Kansas is already thinking ahead to 2013.

Jamie Plunkett: Texas 48, Kansas 14 - How many creative ways can we think of to call Kansas a bad team? Because that's what they are. Texas has had its fair share of struggles this season, but this game is just a blip on the radar.

Texas Tech at Kansas State

Fungo Frog: Texas Tech 21, Kansas State 40- K-State is as good as advertised, I am not sure they can go through an entire Big 12 schedule without tripping up, but they have the ability to and I think they will clear the Tech hurdle easily. Wildcats roll, Tech goes home crying.

Angry Trey: Texas Tech 31, Kansas State 38- This will be a great game to watch. Both teams are top ten in points scored this season. Klein will lead KSU on a late drive to win the game and propel him even closer to the Heisman Trophy.

Hawkeyed Frog: Texas Tech 27, Kansas State 42- If this were in Lubbock, I'd take Tech to pull the upset. As the game is in Manhattan though, I think Kansas State pulls this one out. Collin Klein is playing mistake free football, and the cats are running the ball like nobody's business. Doege tries to mount a late rally, but the K-State defense doesn't get burned.

Purple Wimple: Texas Tech 28, Kansas State 35-This will be one of the best games of the year in the Big 12.

Jamie Plunkett: Texas Tech 24, Kansas State 30 - This will be a close game, because both teams have good defense, but Kansas State is the superior team. Collin Klein is looking to bring the Heisman to Manhattan for the first time in school history, and this game solidifies him as the frontrunner.

Baylor at Iowa State

Fungo Frog: Baylor 41, Iowa State 17- Baylor's offense is still good, and Iowa State is overrated. I know the defense is strong, but at some point the weight of constantly losing weighs down on players and they just can't do it anymore. I've got the Bears, easy.

Angry Trey: Baylor 41, Iowa State 31- The Baylor offense will finally outscore someone... I like Iowa State, they are a tough team, but I don't see them having the offensive power to keep up with Baylor's offense.

Hawkeyed Frog: Baylor 34, Iowa State 38- Iowa State doesn't have a fantastic offense, that much is clear. On the other hand, Baylor's defense is so bad that there isn't that big of a difference between a fantastic offense and an average offense against them. In a battle of bad offense vs bad defense, and good offense against good defense, give me the good defense and the home team.

Purple Wimple: Baylor 31, Iowa State 30-I think a missed extra point is the difference here.

Jamie Plunkett: Baylor 27, Iowa State 20 - I'd like to think Iowa State could win this game, but their offense is just so, so bad. Despite how awful Baylor's defense is, I see the Bears winning a close one in Ames.

Notre Dame at Oklahoma

Fungo Frog: Notre Dame 12, Oklahoma 30- Oklahoma is hot, real hot. If they played K-State again, I would have them winning by two scores. Notre Dame is hurting, and this is not the right time for an improved team to head into Stillwater. OU spoils the great season for Kelly and the Irish.

Angry Trey: Notre Dame 20, Oklahoma 41- Notre Dame is overrated. Oklahoma has gotten it back on the right path. The Sooners dominate this game from start to finish.

Hawkeyed Frog: Notre Dame 17, Oklahoma 23- Notre Dame is a good defensive team. A really good defensive team, truth be told. Landry Jones will be made to look incompetent more than once in this game, but it takes being good on both sides of the ball to go into Norman and come out with a win, and Notre Dame's offense is dreadful. OU pulls it out late at home, as Notre Dame's offense is too impotent to mount a comeback.

Purple Wimple: Notre Dame 18, Oklahoma 45-This was supposed to be that best game of the year in the Big 12, but Notre Dame will choke in Norman. And Oklahoma will play itself back into national title contention.

Jamie Plunkett: Notre Dame 17, Oklahoma 42 - I don't know why, because both teams are good defensively, but I'm smelling a blowout in this one. Notre Dame struggled against BYU without starting quarterback Everett Golson, but he's returning this week after passing all of his concussion tests.

TCU at Oklahoma State

Fungo Frog: TCU 21, Oklahoma State 40- At some point, losing catches up to you. Attitude is lost, guys don't play as hard, and playing on the road is still the hardest thing to do in college football. Oklahoma State surprises everyone with quarterback play, TCU is flat to start and can't recover, the tail spin continues.

Angry Trey: TCU 31, Oklahoma State 38- I think the issues OSU presents with a strong passing and rushing game will be too much for the Frogs. I hate picking against TCU, but for some reason I don't feel good about this game.

Hawkeyed Frog: TCU 34, Oklahoma State 24- TCU plays keep away from the Oklahoma State offense, as the Frogs grind out 200 yards on the ground and control time of possession on the road. Both freshman quarterbacks commit a pair of turnovers, but Boykin looks like the superior specimen as the cowboys have no way of containing him on the ground.

Purple Wimple: TCU 33, Oklahoma State 31-I'm sticking my neck out a little here, for my Frogs, but the wheels of Stillwater feel a little wobbly, and things are feeling a little firmer in Fort Worth. The freshmen-a-palooza that has turned a couple Ws into Ls is going to turn this L into a W.

Jamie Plunkett: TCU 45, Oklahoma State 20 - The Frogs have had a fantastic week of practice according to Gary Patterson, similar to the week they had leading up to the Baylor game. I fully expect the Frogs to come out en fuego, and torch the Cowboys up in Stillwater. The Frogs D turns the ball over four times, while Boykin makes smart throws and covers up when he scrambles.