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SBNation BlogPoll: FOW Week 9 Ballot

Jamie Squire

Commentary below the ballot.

Here it is: this time we had 80% of our bloggers participate, and the ballot is more conventional. The grumbling about K-State's low appearance last week should cease: the Snyder-ville Wildcats come in second after soundly drubbing the Tubberville-ville Red Raiders.

(Check that-- the grumbling can continue: K-State and Alabama actually tied in this week's combined ballot. But the SBNation gadget for polling does not allow for ties, and so Alabama gets the nod this week, for inertia's sake only. There were no other ties down the ballot.)

USC, Michigan, Ohio, Cincy, and Boise all fell out of the poll-- some of them even lost, to provoke their falls.

Curiosities: Louisville is riding its undefeated record into the stratosphere of the FOW ballot. Because so many of its wins are so close, and to marginal teams, one suspects this ranking will take a severe beating when the Cardinals run out of luck.

The FOW balloters only dropped Florida five spots after its loss to Georgia; Oklahoma only two for its more complete loss to Notre Dame. Big 12 bias, perhaps?

Those teams unranked, but also receiving votes are: USC, Boise State, Tulsa, West Virginia, UCLA, and Northwestern.