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Midweek Musings: Cold Weather Warriors

The projected weather for Saturday in Morgantown calls for a high of 47 degrees. We take a quick look at how the Frogs have fared in cold weather since 2009.

Hannah Foslien

Saturday, as the Frogs head up to Morgantown to take on West Virginia, the high is expected to be 47 degrees. That’s chilly for this Texas crew.

And as I sit here in my Batman costume thinking about the weather, I got curious, so I went back and looked at the results of the cold weather games over the last four seasons for the Frogs.

Now, I consider anything less than 50 degrees to be “Stay the eff inside” weather, so we’ll use that temperature as our barometer for what is considered a “cold-weather” game.

I found five games that qualify. They’re listed below.

October 10, 2009: TCU @ Air Force

Temp: 19 degrees

Result: W 20-17

November 21, 2009: TCU @ Wyoming

Temp: 23 degrees

Result: W 45-10

January 1, 2011: TCU vs. Wisconsin

Temp: 50 degrees

Result: W 21-19

November 5, 2011: TCU @ Wyoming

Temp: 35 degrees

Result: W 31-20

November 12, 2011: TCU @ Boise State

Temp: 43 degrees

Result: W 36-35

So, the Frogs are a perfect 5-0 in cold weather games dating back to 2009. Hopefully that trend will continue this Saturday.

Go Frogs.