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What Does Pachall's Suspension Mean? *Updated*

FOW's bloggers analyze TCU's upcoming game with Iowa State, and the rest of the season, with the news that Casey Pachall is likely not going to suit up in purple and (black, white, etc.) anymore.

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Frogs o' War bloggers take a look at this week's game against Iowa State, without Pachall leading TCU's offense, and also at the rest of the season.

For Iowa State:
I still think TCU wins this game. Matt Tucker is "probable" for the start, and to be frank, I'm not convinced Boykin runs the offense at any less of a pitch than Pachall did. He's going to run more, and a heck of a lot better than Pachall, and that's not a bad thing. Iowa State's defense will force him to make some mistakes, but I think TCU has the horses to win this game without a .15 BAC, if you catch my drift.

For The Remainder Of The Season: It's not going to be news that I think TCU was going to be underdogs most of the rest of the way. Pachall was going to read the defenses better than Boykin this season, and we'll miss that. But the win-loss totals may not show the difference; TCU has been setting itself up to lose plenty of games in 2012, with or without Pachall. What is going to change is the reasons people come up with for the losses. Aviante Collins and Big V and the o-line aren't going to be the scapegoats now; they going to be co-scapegoats with Boykin. Every time the redshirt freshman throws an interception or keeps the ball too long and takes a sack, we're going to hear, "Pachall would have gotten rid of it in that situation." And sometimes that will be true; but not always.

So we add another way to explain a loss to the bucket of lists, which is already bulging. And we say to ourselves, "2013." Repeat it-it has a nice ring to it.

For Iowa State: Listen, I would love to say that Iowa State still sucks, Boykin is awesome and we will still win easily, but that is just not true. Iowa State is a good team with real talent, and Boykin is a real freshman with limited expierience (albeit, worlds of talent) who, even if he knows all the plays, hasn't seen more than 3-5 of them unfold against an oposing defefense. Freshman QBs dont understand check downs, they don't understand going to a second read, they don't understand leadership. Sure, I can imagine and day dream about a TCU romp, but that isn't reality, and the Vegas line shows that (almost into single digits).

For the rest of the season: I think TCU will win Saturday, but not easily, and I hope that TCU continues with Boykin for the rest of the year, it is time to get this chapter started. I have a feeling that most of the current players are probably ready for a change too, just a guess, and I can't blame them. Since February, it hasn't been about them, the guys who are doing it right, it has been about other people, other losers who keep getting it wrong. It is time to get the RIGHT guys on the field, suit em up, and go to battle. It might get ugly, this might not work, but we have to move on to the next guy up and hope for the best. We have broken in two young quarterbacks in recent years with some success, with any luck we will do it again now.

For the Iowa State Game: Well, I think it's a good thing that Trevone Boykin has been preparing against this Iowa State defense all week with the thought of being a primary running back. He's seen a ton of game film on common schemes and blitz packages the Cyclones like to run. The one minor (ha) adjustment he'll have o make is that now he'll be the one with the ball in his hands at the snap. Nothing changes for the Frogs defense, who will still be able to stifle a very underwhelming Iowa State offense. Frogs-27, Cyclones-10

For the rest of the season: It’s good that Boykin is coming in now, and not in a few weeks when the pressure gets turned up to 11. However, I fully expect some growing pains with a redshirt freshman at quarterback, especially behind an offensive line that has struggled to keep its backfield upright to this point in the season. Things will not be pretty from here on out, but make no mistake about it: Boykin has the talent to lead this team. Let’s just hope he’s a quick learner.

For the Iowa State Game: I thought this game would we close to begin with so my opinion doesn’t change, it just might be a little closer than expected. TCU’s defense can lead them to victory in this game, for the rest of the season I am not so sure.

For The Remainder Of The Season: I am confident in Trevone Boykin. I think he has the talent to be a very good QB, but he is young. We will definitely see some growing pains from him, but he will also impress some people this season. My original prediction was for TCU to win 9 games, I don’t think they will get to that point now, but based on what we have seen this season, nothing will surprise me. At this stage of the season, I just hope the Frogs make a bowl game.


For the Iowa State Game: On such short notice I think that the offense will simplify some, with a whole lot of quarterback read options and basic one route passes. TCU's defense will need to stifle Iowa State on the ground to win and be at least even in turnover margin, but I think they get it done.

For the Remainder of the Season: TCU becomes an underdog in all games where it wasn't already, I'm no longer confident about holding serve at home and I'm ready to put the Texas game firmly out of reach. As for bowl eligibility, which is what we need to be shooting for now- with all of the youth we're playing this year we need those practices for the 2013 season. I think TCU pulls out either the Baylor game or the Tech game and gets to six wins, but if we lose to the Cyclones and need both it becomes a much dicier proposition.