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FOW Weekend Picks: Week 6 (10/5-10/6)

Every week, FOW will get out in front of the world and pick the weeks Big 12 games as well as TCU's contest of the week. Feel free to post your predictions and thoughts below and tear apart our opinions, it would be the only sensible thing to do.

Every week, FOW will get out in front of the world and pick the weeks Big 12 games as well as TCU's contest of the week. Feel free to post your predictions and thoughts below and tear apart our opinions, it would be the only sensible thing to do.

West Virginia @ Texas

Purple Wimple: WVU 31, Texas 40- I think this is Texas's coming out party, without a scandal to cloud it. WVU has feasted on bad defenses, and will expose Texas a little, but not enough to win.

Angry Trey: West Virginia 34, Texas 31- The Longhorns escaped Stillwater last weekend with a victory they didn't deserve. It will not happen again this week. Everyone has been waiting for West Virginia to play a team with a decent defense, and here is the opportunity. Geno Smith will shine once again and the Mountaineer defense will do just enough to ensure the victory.

Jamie Plunkett: West Virginia 42, Texas 38- West Virginia showed just how weak their secondary was last week, and David Ash is having a good year so far. He throws for 4 touchdowns in this game. On the other side, Texas' defense is good, but they gave up 31 to Ole Miss. Color me unimpressed.

HawkeyedFrog: West Virginia 40, Texas 50- I know that Texas probably should have lost the game at Okie State last week (it was a fumble, guys) but I think that they have the defense that Baylor doesn't and can actually hold the Mountaineer defense to field goals on some of their possessions. West Virginia's defense on the other hand is as bad as the offense is good, so give me the Horns at home.

Fungo Frog: West Virginia 35, Texas 20- West Virginia is the class of the Big 12, Texas is overrated as a whole and their offense WILL regress this week against a better defense (not that much better though) that is looking to prove it can defend the pass this week. Geno Smith does his thing, David Ash throws two picks, and the Mountaineers go into Austin and come out with a win.

Kansas @ Kansas State

Purple Wimple: KU 13, K-State 31- The Wildcats play down to their competition, and KU is going to get some nice plays in. But it's still a laugher by the end.

Angry Trey: Kansas 10, Kansas State 52- Kansas State is clearly the better team. This one will not even be close unless KState fumbles in the red zone four times...

Jamie Plunkett: Kansas 0, Kansas State 45- The Wildcats stifled Oklahoma in Norman. They'll have no problem handling Kansas. The Jaykawks are the definition of a wayward team.

HawkeyedFrog: Kansas 13, Kansas State 45- I don't know if Snyder is the type of coach to run up the score on a rival, but I know that K-State is better than KU to the point where even if they don't try the score will still be ugly. Klein for Heisman!

Fungo Frog: Kansas 20, Kansas State 40- I can't imagine the Jayhawks are NOT pumped for this game... This is their yearly super bowl, their student newspaper took a dump on the team, there is no better game to win than this one. You can't hold anything back now, Brent. First half is close, second half isn't, Jayhawks suck.

Oklahoma @ Texas Tech

Purple Wimple: OU 28, Texas Tech 35- And Tommy Tubberville's seat cools considerably, transferring some warmth from his seat to Bob Stoops's. It's an unfamiliar sensation in Norman.

Angry Trey: Oklahoma 31, Texas Tech 38- I have yet to be impressed by Oklahoma this season. Landry Jones has been a different player since Ryan Broyles went down last season. Tech is playing well this season and has actually started to play a little bit of defense. The Red Raiders score late in the 4th to send OU on its way to a very mediocre season.

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma 27, Texas Tech 20- Tech's defense looked great against Iowa State, and is currently the best in the country. However, I hold Landry Jones and Co. In slightly higher regard than our friends in Ames, despite their shaky start.

HawkeyedFrog: Oklahoma 24, Texas Tech 40- Texas Tech has looked very good so far this year, Oklahoma has not. I know Stoops rarely loses two games in a row, but heading into a hornet's nest in Lubbock is not the recipe for a bounceback game when your offense is one dimensional (and that one dimension isn't actually very good). Tech wins big.

Fungo Frog: Oklahoma 35, Texas Tech 12- Oklahoma is going to find their groove this week, I can feel it. Listen, Tech is in a rebuilding decade right now, they are not going to beat Bob Stoops. Landry Jones is going to find his game eventually, might as well be this weekend, and the OU defense finally steps up too, holding Tech to just four field goals.

Iowa State @ TCU

Purple Wimple: Iowa State 10, TCU 17- Low scoring, slugfest; another win for TCU that doesn't make Frog fans feel any better about their team.

Angry Trey: Iowa State 17, TCU 24- Iowa State is a tough team. This game will not be easy for TCU, especially since the Frogs are breaking in a new quarterback. Nonetheless, the TCU defense will step up to force a key turnover, and the offense will do just enough to pull out a close fought victory.

Jamie Plunkett: Iowa State 10, TCU 27- Obviously losing Pachall is a huge blow, but lost in all of the news is the fact that Trevone Boykin is a capable, yet unproven, backup. He's more mobile than Pachall, and if the O-line can give him time, he has a very strong arm. Iowa State's offense is very underwhelming and turnover prone. I see the Frogs' D turning the ball over at least four times.

HawkeyedFrog: Iowa State 13, TCU 17- This had the look of an ugly, violence filled low scoring game even before Casey was hurt. I'm picking the frogs because I think Patterson will have Boykin ready to go faster than Iowa State can be ready to deal with him every snap, but if the defense wants to collect five interceptions again that would be great.

Fungo Frog: Iowa State 17, TCU 10- I really, really, really want to take this pick back. Maybe it is my post Casey depression setting in, maybe it is my core belief that freshman quarterbacks aren't really that good, maybe I am still on my pre-season Iowa State high. But, with everything that has gone on around this team this week, and with one practice (last night) to get a new QB ready, I can't see TCU playing well in this game. Iowa State score with 3-4 minutes left in the game, TCU hangs its head... PLEASE GOD LET ME BE WRONG!